POWERbreathe Protocol – Training, Principles, Regimen

Explosive contraction is best breathing technique for POWERbreathe IMT

The tried and tested POWERbreathe protocol for Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) has sport and clinical science at its heart. In fact, it is the rigorous and systematic testing that identified the most effective breathing training protocol of 30 breaths twice a day.

POWERbreathe Protocol Established Following Scientific Testing 

  1. Specificity and Reversibility of Inspiratory Muscle Training
  2. Acute Cardiorespiratory Responses to Inspiratory Pressure Threshold Loading
  3. The Inspiratory Muscles can be Trained Differentially to Increase Strength or Endurance Using a Pressure Threshold, Inspiratory Muscle Training Device

Why The POWERbreathe Breathing Protocol Is Hard and Fast 

study into explosive contraction supports the reasoning behind why the POWERbreathe breathing training protocol must be hard and fast.

Types of Training Specificity

In the Journal of Applied Physiology (2016) the study compares the effects of two types of training specificity for strength training:

  • Explosive-contraction strength training (ECT)
  • Sustained-contraction strength training (SCT)

Study Findings

Trial participants performed different contractions on the quadriceps muscles located on the front of the thigh.  During ECT they needed to contract as fast and as hard as possible for 1 second. This gradually increased before holding for 3 seconds with SCT. 

The study’s findings show that ECT produces a wider range of functional adaptations than SCT. It also says that “given the lesser demands of ECT, this type of training provides a highly efficient means of increasing function.”

Why Explosive-Contraction Strength Training (ECT) is Best

Dr Jonathan Folland at Loughborough University led the study. He shows that explosive contractions are easier and a less tiring way of increasing strength and functional capacity of the muscles. Therefore it is a highly efficient method of training. And the method works by assisting the nervous system in ‘switching on’ and activating the trained muscles to increase their strength.

POWERbreathe Protocol Uses Principle of Explosive Contraction

When training with POWERbreathe we recommend that you inhale quickly and forcefully, or with explosive contraction. This switches on the breathing muscles, mainly the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, and trains them to become stronger.

Watch How To Use POWERbreathe on YouTube

Have a look at How POWERbreathe Works on our YouTube channel. You will also find a video showing the proper breathing technique of explosive-contraction strength training i.e. breathing in quickly and forcefully.

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