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POWERbreathe K1


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picture showing inhalation

  • The POWERbreathe K1 is a hand-held, electronic inspiratory muscle training device that offers entry-level breathing training, without any software.
  • The K1 simply offers electronic inspiratory muscle training – nothing more; no advanced options or software to deal with.
  • The K1 stores data from your last training session only.



A graphic of a person with two arrows circling around them. Text below reads Breathe-Link Custom. A graphic of 2 arrows in a circle joined with a jagged line. Text below reads Breathe-Link Pro-View. The Breathe-Link logo is surrounded by 2 arrows forming a circle. Text reads Breathe-Link Software. A grey graphic of lungs with the number 1 printed on the top. Text below reads single breath test. A graphic of 5 vertical grey bars of differing heights. The text underneath reads training history. A graphic of 2 vertical grey arrows facing opposite directions. Text below reads warm-up, cool-down.

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