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Home Breathing Therapy

Breathing therapy devices provide breathing exercises that help lungs maintain their function, as well as, helping you to focus on your breathing, at home.

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picture showing exhalationBreathing exercises form the basis of breathwork in helping people with breathing issues, and a breathing therapy device is an ideal aide when it comes to breathing exercises for beginners.

Flow-Ball Ultra® is a fun, breathing exercise device that is designed to encourage a steady exhale. Flow-Ball Ultra® is popular with musicians and singers for breath and vocal control.

Respiron is an adjustable breathing trainer, commonly known as an incentive spirometer. It is used to encourage controlled, deep breathing. It is an ideal breathing exercise for stress, because you have to focus on raising the balls in the device as you focus on controlled breathing. It is also used by patients after lung or heart surgery to help restore lung function before moving on to POWERbreathe IMT for strengthening the inspiratory muscles.

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