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SKU: PB2000

POWERbreathe Medic Plus

POWERbreathe Medic Plus

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SKU: PB2000

The POWERbreathe Medic Plus helps to improve the breathing strength and stamina in those who have very weak breathing muscles as a result of illness, post-hospitalization, or an existing respiratory health condition, such as COPD or asthma.

The POWERbreathe Medic Plus offers the lowest and lightest starting ‘load’ (weight) of all our devices (except for the K-Series), at 9cmH2O (or 1cmH2O without the internal spring).

This ‘load’ training is similar to weightlifting, and in the instance of the POWERbreathe Plus Medic device, provides the lightest level of resistance setting (weight lifted) in increments, from 9cmH2O (or 1cmH2O without the internal spring) to 78cmH2O. The range between each training level is smaller than the POWERbreathe Medic. This makes it ideal for patients who have severe breathing difficulties.

Please note: In North America, this product is the POWERbreathe Wellness Plus.


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