Don’t Fall For A Fake

We are aware of fake POWERbreathe IMT devices and lookalikes currently being promoted on the internet. We are also aware of products purporting to be from the trusted POWERbreathe brand by using POWERbreathe as part of the device name.

Genuine POWERbreathe IMT devices are the device of choice being used in research papers, meta-analysis, scientific trials and review articles that have shown the efficacy of POWERbreathe and IMT for health, medical, fitness and sports. The fake or lookalike POWERbreathe products are using this to their advantage for promotion and exploiting the established pedigree that we have built over the past 20+ years.

Why Are There Fake Products?

The intention of fake or lookalike products is to mimic or call to mind a popular and well-known product. They also aim to avoid the typical registered trademark or product patent etc that exclusively recognises a company’s ownership of their brand.

Genuine POWERbreathe products are only available from our official POWERbreathe website, select official retail partners and our officially appointed overseas partners and distributors.

Please Help To Stamp Out POWERbreathe Fakes

To be sure you only receive a genuine POWERbreathe product, please visit our website; a selected partner such as Alton Sports, Wiggle, Chain Reaction or TrainSharp; or an officially appointed distributor in your country. If you are unsure who your POWERbreathe representative is in your country, please get in touch and we’ll put you in contact.

Our Official POWERbreathe Accounts

Instagram: @powerbreatheuk

Facebook: @POWERbreatheUK

Twitter: @PowerbreatheUK

LinkedIn: @powerbreathe-international-ltd

Pinterest: @powerbreathe

YouTube: @POWERbreatheUK


What to do if you spot a fake POWERbreathe product

At POWERbreathe International your experience is of upmost importance. Therefore, in order to ensure customers only receive a genuine POWERbreathe product, if you suspect a fake please contact us with details so that we may ensure the appropriate action is taken and fake products are removed.