person demonstrating breathing training using k5

Re-worked from the original article, written by Duncan Kerr, 2017

Breathing. It’s automatic, fundamental, and often overlooked. But why should we train our breathing? In the realm of sports performance, where every muscle group is meticulously trained, the respiratory system is frequently neglected. Yet, it holds the key to unlocking your full athletic potential.

The Importance of Training Your Breathing Muscles

As physical activity intensifies, so does the demand for oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide removal in our bodies. This increased demand puts pressure on our inspiratory muscles, leading to breathing fatigue and decreased performance. However, by specifically training these muscles with tools like the POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training (IMT) device, we can delay this fatigue and enhance our endurance.

The diaphragm, the main breathing muscle

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Understanding the Metaboreflex

Ever hit that point in your workout, training or competition where you feel like you can’t catch your breath? Blame it on the metaboreflex. This physiological response kicks in when our breathing muscles struggle, redirecting blood flow from our working muscles to support our lungs. By training our breathing muscles independently, we can push past this barrier and optimise blood flow to our muscles, resulting in increased power, reduced fatigue, and improved endurance. In fact, research findings of reduced cardiovascular responsiveness to high levels of inspiratory work suggest that IMT may have the potential to improve whole-body exercise performance.

Metaboreflex and Performance in Elite Female Soccer

Why Train your Breathing with POWERbreathe IMT

POWERbreathe IMT operates like weight training for your inspiratory muscles, gradually increasing resistance to strengthen your breathing. Enhancing breathing muscle strength and efficiency, not only delays the onset of the metaboreflex but also improves overall breathing function and oxygen uptake. Athletes around the world, including Olympic champions, swear by its effectiveness in boosting performance. But it’s their secret training advantage, and not ours to share.

What is POWERbreathe IMT?

How to Incorporate POWERbreathe IMT into Your Routine

Training with POWERbreathe IMT is simple yet effective. Just 30 breaths, twice a day, for the first month, followed by once-daily maintenance sessions. It’s a minimal time investment for significant gains in breathing strength and endurance, whether you’re a professional athlete or simply aiming to climb stairs without losing your breath.

The Versatility of POWERbreathe IMT for Breathing Training

Whether you opt for the mechanical Plus series of IMT devices or the electronic K-series models, POWERbreathe offers a tailored solution for all fitness levels. The electronic units, like the top-of-the-line K5, provide real-time feedback and progress tracking, making it an invaluable tool for athletes and coaches alike.


In a world where every advantage counts, training your breathing muscles could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. From improving athletic performance to enhancing everyday endurance, the benefits of POWERbreathe IMT are undeniable. So, why train your breathing? Because the power of your breath extends far beyond mere survival—it’s the key to unlocking your full potential.