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POWERbreathe K5 with advanced Breathe-Link® software


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picture showing inhalationThe POWERbreathe K5 is the most advanced Inspiratory Muscle Training device of the K-Series range. With the ability to connect to the advanced Breathe-Link® Live Feedback software, you have a sophisticated testing, training and monitoring breathing training system.  

The POWERbreathe K5 has on board memory that can store up-to 36 sessions of the most important biofeedback markers – Load (cmH 2 O); Power (Watts); Volume (Litres); Flow (Litres/second); Energy (Joules) – to help you keep track and monitor your training progress in an easy-to-understand historical graphical display. 

On the go testing allows you to easily test the strength of your breathing muscles (S-Index®) and use this to monitor strength improvements.

The K5 allows for up to 30 user profiles and 1200 stored sessions per user, making it an essential biofeedback tool for teams and coaches, as well as, individuals.



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