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POWERbreathe K4 with basic Breathe-Link software


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  • Professional level of breathing training, testing and monitoring
  • Connects to a less advanced version of the K5 Breathe-Link Live feedback software
  • Hand-held device stores up to 36 sessions of important biofeedback markers: Load (cmH2O); Power (Watts); Volume (Litres); Flow (Litres/second); Energy (Joules)
  • Monitor training progress in a straightforward historical graphical display
  • Software allows for up to 10 users profiles and 1,200 stored sessions per user
  • Essential biofeedback tool for teams, coaches and individuals



A graphic of 2 arrows in a circle joined with a jagged line. Text below reads Breathe-Link Pro-View. A graphic of a person with two arrows circling around them. Text below reads Breathe-Link Custom.

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