POWERbreathe Plus - Heavy Resistance

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The Plus Heavy Resistance is ideal for serious sports performers.  Suitable only if you have reached the highest level on a Medium Resistance device. With easily adjustable training levels, ergonomic design and improved airflow (vs. Classic), the Plus trainer offers the most comfortable breathing training experience.
  • Imprives your performance and fitness levels
  • Makes exercise feel easier
  • Feel healthier, stronger and fitter in 4 weeks
  • Drug free, quick and easy-to-use in less than 5 minutes
From its comfortable mouthpiece to its simple ergonomic design, the Plus offers a pleasant and effective breathing training experience.


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We only recommend Heavy Resistance for those that have reached the highest load setting on a Medium Resistance device.

POWERbreathe Plus is designed to be simple and easy to use. With 11 easily adjustable levels over time you will be able to strengthen your inspiratory breathing muscles. Helping you to increase your stamina and overall wellness.

The POWERbreathe Plus is the second generation of mechanical breathing trainers, and features the following design improvements:

  • Optimised airflow performance to make training more effective
  • Fully integrated, easily adjustable resistance mechanism
  • Easy to read resistance level indicator
  • Ergonomic design with softer, more comfortable mouthpiece

Our scientifically proven training regime of 30 breaths, twice a day typically takes only a few minutes and, used properly, you should start to see the benefits within just a few weeks.

Inspiratory muscle training is proven by sports scientists and medical professionals to exercise and strengthen the muscles used to breathe in.

1 review for POWERbreathe Plus – Heavy Resistance

  1. 5 out of 5

    Turner Twins – Ross Turner

    This POWERbreathe was perfect for Mt Elbrus
    The POWERbreathe allowed us to train in a way that was in-expensive, appropriate and the best in the market for mountaineering adventure (without actually training at altitude). It was easy enough to take travelling and use every day while allowing any level of cardiac fitness you wanted. This POWERbreathe was perfect for Mt Elbrus as the mountain had glacial rubble and ice – two very different terrains that affected the cardiac system in different ways. With more adventures coming that are not at altitude, we will carry on using the POWERbreathe as it is a great way to train the body in a very advantageous way so you can perform comfortably while working hard on expeditions.

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30 breaths, twice a day

Scientifically proven POWERbreathe IMT regime is for 30 breaths, twice a day.

How to use:

  • Put nose clip on, pushing nostrils together (optional).
  • Holding device, place the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  • Ensure lips cover outer shield to make a seal.
  • Find your starting level (refer to manual).
  • Take a fast, forceful breath in through your mouth.
  • Breathe out slowly and passively.
  • Do this for 30 breaths, twice a day.

POWERbreathe Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

Choose Light Resistance:

  • If you exercise / are physically active for less than 2.5 hours per week and have no breathing problems
  • If you exercise / are physically active for less than 2.5 hours per week and have breathing problems – minor/moderate
  • If you exercise / are physically active for more than 2.5 hours per week and have severe breathing problems

Choose Medium Resistance:

  • If you exercise / are physically active for more than 2.5 hours per week and have no breathing problems
  • If you exercise / are physically active for more than 2.5 hours per week and have some breathing problems that are not severe

Choose Heavy Resistance:

  • Only if you have reached the highest load setting on a POWERbreathe Medium Resistance model first.

The standard unit used to measure breathing resistance is cmH20, which is short for “Centimetres of water“.

This table shows how each device in the Plus series (Light, Medium & Heavy) compares to one another. The levels 0-10 are all manually adjustable on the device at any time, and you should increase the level from 0 through to 10, over time as your breathing strength improves.

Level 017cmH2O23cmH2O29cmH2O
Level 125cmH2O39cmH2O53cmH2O
Level 233cmH2O55cmH2O78cmH2O
Level 341cmH2O72cmH2O102cmH2O
Level 449cmH2O88cmH2O127cmH2O
Level 558cmH2O104cmH2O151cmH2O
Level 666cmH2O121cmH2O176cmH2O
Level 774cmH2O137cmH2O200cmH2O
Level 882cmH2O153cmH2O225cmH2O
Level 990cmH2O170cmH2O249cmH2O
Level 1098cmH2O186cmH2O274cmH2O

Centimeters of Water is a unit used to measure pressure on a small scale. It refers to how much pressure is needed to move a 1cm column of water.

If required, there is a much more technical explanation available here:

There are no safety reasons for preventing young children (above 7 years of age) from using POWERbreathe. However, the following factors may affect their ability to use the device effectively: 

  • They must be able to fit the mouthpiece in their mouth. The POWERbreathe Plus mouthpiece is smaller and therefore more suited to children. 
  • They must be old enough to understand how to effectively perform the breathing exercises. 
  • They must have the motivation themselves or the parental encouragement to ensure that they continue to perform the exercises. 
  • They should only use POWERbreathe under the supervision of an adult.

Inspiratory muscle training has been most widely used in patients with COPD. IMT is particularly helpful in this patient group, as they have primary weakness of their inspiratory muscles. 

The following items come as standard with every POWERbreathe Plus purchase:

  1. POWERbreathe Plus IMT device
  2. Mouthpiece (TPE – not made with natural rubber latex or and phthalates)    
  3. Nose clip    
  4. Storage pouch    
  5. 4 cleansing tablets    
  6. Market specific user manual in the principle language of country where the device is purchased e.g. UK & Ireland – English; Spain – Spanish; Japan – Japanese.