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POWERbreathe Plus – Heavy Resistance

POWERbreathe Plus – Heavy Resistance

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This device is the most challenging in the Plus series of inspiratory muscle training devices and is hugely taxing for your breathing muscles. It is therefore only suitable for those who are used to POWERbreathe breathing training and who have reached the top of the Plus Medium Resistance.

It offers the heaviest resistance and the widest load range between training levels. This means that as your breathing muscles become stronger and you move up one of the training levels by increasing the resistance, there is the largest increase in cmH2O, making training the most challenging.

This ‘load’ training is similar to weightlifting, and in the instance of this ‘heavy resistance’ device, provides a variable level of load setting (weight lifted) in increments of 24/25cmH2O, from 29cmH2O to 274cmH2O.



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