Singing focuses on breath, rhythm, tune and phrasing. With voice training, you can develop your range, clarity, strength and flexibility of voice, using vocal exercises.

Learning to control your breath helps you to control your voice. Using POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) as a component of your vocal exercises will help you make full use of your lungs, and how you inhale affects how well you exhale.

Good posture, strong abdominal muscles and strong breathing muscles are also required so that you have the force to propel your voice when you need to deliver clear articulation or volume. Strong breathing muscles are also essential in controlling your breath when you need to be quieter.

You need breathing stamina too for helping you achieve higher notes and slow phrases. The aim of breathing exercises for breath control is to inhale as much as possible, as quickly as possible, so that you can then release that air, your breath, in a controlled manner as you sing.

Become A Better Singer With Breathing Training

POWERbreathe IMT is a scientifically proven inspiratory muscle training device. It uses the principles of resistance training to improve your inspiratory muscle strength and stamina. You breathe in through the device against an adjustable breathing ‘load’, for 30 breaths twice a day. This training protocol was established in scientific trials. You breathe in through the device deeply, quickly and forcefully and then breathe out naturally and with control. As you learn to breath in more air, you’ll find you’ll have more air to ration out during your exhale.

Vocal Exercises For Singing

You will see a large movement of your larynx during ‘loaded’ breathing with POWERbreathe IMT. This indicates that vocal exercises with POWERbreathe IMT may enhance the ability to generate tension in your vocal folds and increase your vocal range.

Vocal Warm-Up For Singing

Just as you would perform a warm-up prior to exercise, so it is equally important to perform a vocal warm-up prior to singing.

The Flowball is a breathing exercise device designed to help you control and release a focused, steady breath. Soprano Kari Ragan, is an author, singer, and voice pedagogue. She uses the Flowball for Respiration Coordination Exercises. In fact, Dr Ragan uses the Flowball for Voiceless Staccato, Voiceless Messa di Voce and Voiced “Flownation”.

The Tyler Wysong Method also utilises the Flowball for ‘Flow Phonation – How To Sing Without Strain’.

Suitable Products to Help You Become a Better Singer