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SKU: PB1000

POWERbreathe Medic IMT

POWERbreathe Medic IMT

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SKU: PB1000

The POWERbreathe Medic is our manually adjustable Inspiratory Muscle Training device that is approved for prescription in the UK by the NHS. It received approval after being rigorously assessed for clinical evidence, patient compliance and financial savings. It is drug-free with no side effects or drug interactions and clinically proven to alleviate breathlessness. It offers resistance to breathing in that is created by the adjustable spring-loaded valve.

This ‘load’ training is similar to weightlifting, and in the instance of the POWERbreathe Medic, provides an introductory level of load setting (weight lifted) in increments, from 10cmH2O to 90cmH2O. The range between each training level is quite small which means that as your breathing muscles become stronger and you move up one of the training levels by increasing the resistance, this small increase in cmH2O makes it more manageable.

Please note: In North America, this product is the POWERbreathe Wellness.


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