POWERbreathe IMT Warm-up

POWERbreathe Warm-Up Boosts Your Inspiratory Muscle Performance

Research has shown that a standard pre-exercise warm-up routine fails to prepare the inspiratory muscles (breathing muscles) for the rigours of exercise1, and laboratory trials on competitive rowers showed that a POWERbreathe warm-up significantly improved rowing performance and reduced breathlessness.2

Neglecting to warm-up the breathing muscles leads to excessive breathlessness during the start of any form of exercise. POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) can be used to specifically warm-up these muscles prior to exercise, using a reduced load setting.


POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training Warm-Up

Your POWERbreathe K3, K4 and K5 features a Warm-up Mode within the Options setting and will automatically set a proportion of your normal training level for you. If you have any other model of POWERbreathe you first need to determine your current training setting.

On the K1 and K2 your training load will be displayed on the unit.  For warm up exercises the POWERbreathe resistance should be set to approximately 40% of your normal training resistance.

If you’re using a mechanical POWERbreathe Classic or Plus model, you can determine your current training setting by checking the position of the training level indicator on the numbered scale. For guidance use the following table to calculate your ideal warm up load from your current training load.

IMT warm-up training loads

Once POWERbreathe is set at the appropriate warm-up level, perform two sets of 30 breaths with one minutes’ rest between each set. Try to breathe in fully and forcefully. This routine should be completed no more than 10 minutes before starting your workout, training session, match or competition.