ActiBreathe MuscleMix DVD

Sculpt and tone your upper body, legs and glutes with this workout on DVD. Also enjoy a medium intensity cardio workout to boost your metabolism and optimise calorie burn.


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The level of difficulty can be adapted to suit individual needs as exercises can be performed without POWERbreathe initially for a lower intensity training level. For a higher intensity training level, you can simply adjust the variable training load on the POWERbreathe. Additional equipment is required.

The ActiBreathe MuscleMix workout will help you to sculpt and tone your upper and lower body, targeting major muscle groups. MuscleMix also includes a medium intensity cardio workout to boost metabolism and boost calorie burn. It also includes specific warm up, cool down and techniques sections to ensure an optimal training experience.

The POWERbreathe IMT device is not used continuously throughout the workout but only at the most optimum times to intensify the effect of a specific exercise and add resistance to breathing. This resistance strengthens the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, improving stamina and resistance to fatigue.

You will also achieve a good workout without the use of the POWERbreathe IMT device, but maximum benefit will be achieved through including it. Equipment is available separately.


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