POWERbreathe user John breaks Concept2UK British Record

John Steventon from Glasgow, aka @johntherower shared news of his success at breaking the British 1K indoor rowing record (40-49 lightweight) on May 14th.

He’s spent the last 6 months training, including POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training (IMT), and he's managed to drop 5.1 seconds which he couldn’t be happier about...

“Hey guys, I broke a British Record for indoor rowing yesterday (1k lightweight 40-49) and I know a huge part of that was because of my breathing training with a POWERbreathe. So I just wanted to say thanks!!! World Record now in my sights!!!!” exclaimed John.

John has clearly been putting in the training for this event, but it’s no surprise to hear POWERbreathe IMT has benefited him too because there have been many scientific trials on the benefits of IMT for indoor rowers.

Rowing has a high respiratory demand and so John’s breathing muscles would fatigue early. Science suggests that this high respiratory demand ‘steals’ blood from the legs during rowing which in turn reduces overall rowing performance.

In scientific tests POWERbreathe IMT:

  • Improved rowing time trial performance by up to 2.2% which is equivalent to slashing 60m in a 2km race
  • Increased strength of inspiratory muscles by 30 – 50%
  • Significantly improves rowing performance and reduces breathlessness in competitive rowers following a POWERbreathe warm-up

John’s next challenge is to beat the World Record for the 1k and for this he needs to shave another 5.7 seconds off his record.

“Roll on November, when I'll try to break the World Record. In the meantime, I'll keep scaring the cat with my breathing exercises!”

You can read John’s account of his fantastic success here >

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