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“Is POWERbreathe any good?” you may ask. With the response we receive from users who write to us or share with us their stories via our Facebook and Instagram pages, the answer is a resounding yes. This is because decades of research, meta-analysis and scientific trials have proven its efficacy in health, medicalfitness and sports. Even the scientifically established POWERbreathe breathing training protocol is utilised in Inspiratory Muscle Training research using other breathing trainers.

This is a personal review from frontline NHS Paramedic, Gary Thornton. He shares his feelings about why he began using POWERbreathe IMT and if POWERbreathe is any good.

Is POWERbreathe Any Good? A Review By Paramedic, Gary Thornton

A bit of background

“I am a frontline NHS Paramedic working for the Ambulance Service and recently contracted COVID 19 whilst working. I was hospitalised and the Pneumonia affected my breathing so much I would suffer increased shortness of breath on exertion.”

“Unable to exercise at the start without difficulty I wanted to find a way to improve my fitness. I researched and came across POWERbreathe. I contacted them and explained my history and they sent me advice on what products would be best. They also provided me with excellent research surrounding the benefits. I found it hard to use at the beginning , but kept at it twice daily. I must say my recovery has been a long slow process but feel using this has speeded it up greatly.”

Is POWERbreathe any good?

My breathing has improved so much, I have gone from only managing a couple of miles on a bicycle to now 20 miles. I have now been able to return to work and have been passing on positive recommendations to the Asthma and COPD patients I have been treating.

Gary Thornton

A reflection on POWERbreathe

“If you suffer from any breathing problems give this company consideration. There are cheaper alternative products around, but all I can say is my Medic Plus unit does the job and I will be continuing to use it daily.”

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