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Science shows that inspiratory muscle training (IMT), such as with POWERbreathe, increases breathing muscle strength and stamina. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it can help to improve asthma symptoms, such as using POWERbreathe for asthma cough, when used as a complementary therapy. What’s more, it is drug-free and has no side effects or drug interactions. However, we always ask that you read our Precautions and Contraindications and check with your asthma nurse before starting your breathing training.

POWERbreathe for asthma cough

Coughing is a common symptom of asthma. An asthma cough is usually your body’s way of trying to expel whatever is irritating your lungs. Your lungs become irritated easily because asthma causes inflammation of your airways. This swelling, or tightening of the airways, makes them more likely to be aggravated by irritants or ‘triggers’, causing you to wheeze and cough and become short of breath.

Understanding Asthma: Mild, Moderate, and Severe | ACCP CHEST

Asthma cough triggers

Triggers can cause sticky mucus to form in your airways. You can help to clear mucus from your throat by using a drug-free mucus clearance device, such as Shaker by POWERbreathe. Triggers that cause an asthma cough include:

  • Allergens, such as pollens, mould, dust and even pet dander
  • Strong odours and other irritants in the air such as smoke and pollution
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Colds and flu
  • Medicines such as anti-inflammatory painkillers

Is POWERbreathe good for asthma?

Another common symptom of asthma is breathlessness, or rather, feeling as though it’s hard to catch your breath. This can be debilitating and frustrating, as it can affect your physical capabilities, such as exercise, speaking, eating and sleeping. Read more about How Asthma Affects Breathing.

Training your breathing muscles to become stronger and therefore less fatigued will help. And in this study, POWERbreathe breathing training improved maximal inspiratory pressure (a measure of the strength of inspiratory muscles) and lung function, reducing the feeling of shortness of breath during exercise. Furthermore, after just 3 weeks of breathing training, people in this trial reduced their consumption of asthma medication and improved the control of their symptoms.

POWERbreathe for asthma cough

Here we share with you feedback from a POWERbreathe IMT user who found it helped to stop her asthma cough.

“I have just finished 6 weeks using the POWERbreathe Plus. My objective was to build upper respiratory strength as I have asthma. I am amazed by how it has improved my lung capacity and cleared my lungs. The clearing of my lungs has virtually stopped my asthma cough allowing uninterrupted nightly sleep which I have not had for at least 2 years.”

N Gazecki

Learn more about POWERbreathe for asthma

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