Gerry sent his POWERbreathe review via our social channel. His story is one of positivity and hope. Here, he talks about how a Physiotherapist gave him a POWERbreathe for rehabilitation, following a stay in ICU.

He is happy for us to share his story with you and to give others hope too.

Here’s Gerry’s story and POWERbreathe review…

POWERbreathe For Rehabilitation – A Review by Gerry

My Story…firstly I would like to thank all at POWERbreathe for the help that this device has given me over the past 12 months.

I was in ICU for 6 months; two months of which was in a coma. I suffered ventilator-associated pneumonia that resulted in lung damage and a huge loss of muscle mass.

I was so profoundly weak that I could not lift my fingers off the bed when I came out of the induced coma.

POWERbreathe Is A Lifesaver

This POWERbreathe device has been a lifesaver for me and I cannot recommend it highly enough for driving my recovery. It was given to me in ICU by a Physiotherapist.

I was weaned off the ventilator and tracheotomy ventilation. From being unable to lift my fingers, unable to sit up and breathe, and unable to stand or walk – I am now walking unaided and off-oxygen. I have built up from 1 set of 3 repetitions at Resistance 1 (min) to 10 sets of 20 repetitions at Resistance 10 (max).

Other than my motivation and rehabilitation routine I would put my POWERbreathe at the top spot in helping my recovery to date! Thank you so much.

POWERbreathe Medic Plus For Rehabilitation

The POWERbreathe device I use is the Medic Plus+, an unbelievable little device that has helped me so much.

Since I contacted you, within 1 year, from first using it, from not being able to sit up or stand, I have just completed a 2-mile walk without oxygen at an average of 2.2 mph.

“I continue to use it every day before my walks – the benefit has been huge! Thank you so much! 👌🏼💥”


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