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Is POWERbreathe Any Good? A Review By Paramedic, Gary Thornton

“Is POWERbreathe any good?” you may ask. With the response we receive from users who write to us or share with us their stories via our Facebook and Instagram pages, the answer is a resounding yes. This is because decades of research, meta-analysis and scientific trials have proven its efficacy in health, medical, fitness and

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Does POWERbreathe Really Work? A Review By Shaun Wray

Have you found yourself asking, “does POWERbreathe really work?”. Well, POWERbreathe has decades of research, meta-analysis, scientific trials and review articles behind it that have shown its efficacy in health, medical, fitness and sports. So there’s definitely the evidence to show that it does strengthen the breathing muscles. This is beneficial because weak inspiratory muscles can be

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Can Inspiratory Muscle Training Help You Recover From COVID-19?

Symptoms of the coronavirus and long COVID symptoms are responsible for the rise in interest in respiratory rehabilitation. This is because this new coronavirus is causing lung complications that can cause long-term lung damage. However, just as regular cardio exercise improves heart health, so breathing exercises improve lung health. Breathing exercises make the lungs function

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Phlegm in lungs - clear naturally with drug-free Shaker

How to get rid of phlegm in throat & lungs naturally

Phlegm or mucus? You will usually find phlegm in the back of the throat or in the lungs. It is produced by the lower airways. Mucus on the other hand will normally be found in the mucous membranes inside the nose. It acts like a filter protecting your lungs as you inhale. To clear it you simply blow your

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Respiratory Illness in the Colder Weather

If you have a respiratory illness, such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) or asthma, then the cold air that accompanies the change in season might affect you when you venture outdoors. Respiratory consultant Dr Mat Jones at Nevill Hall hospital says, “Patients with airway diseases, particularly asthma often have hyper-responsive airways which are susceptible

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Home Remedy to Lower Blood Pressure

This research, ‘Novel 5-minute workout improves blood pressure, may boost your brain’ investigates the effects of just 30 breaths of inspiratory muscle strength training (IMST). The University of Colorado Boulder are looking to see if the POWERbreathe K-Series could lower blood pressure and reduce heart attack risk. With positive results so far, training your breathing with POWERbreathe

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Flu season - we have just the thing to help clear chesty mucus

Beat Flu Symptoms this Winter

Influenza, or flu as it’s more commonly known, is around all year. However, here in the U.K. from December onwards we start thinking about ‘seasonal flu’, so called because it is common in the winter months. Symptoms Main symptoms include a high temperature, feeling tired and achy, and a chesty cough. All of these things start

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Doctor listening to woman's chest on World COPD Day

Living Well With COPD On World COPD Day

World COPD Day (celebrated on the third Wednesday of November every year) aims to raise awareness of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by improving care across the globe. COPD is a chronic inflammatory lung disease which causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. It is also a collective name for a variety of lung diseases, such as

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What Happens When You Breathe

In our blog, What Is The Breathing System, we take a look at what makes up your respiratory system. In this blog we look at what physically happens when you breathe. Therefore, we’ll be looking at inhalation (breathing in) and exhalation (breathing out). Furthermore, we’ll be looking at how POWERbreathe IMT helps you to strengthen the

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Benefit Your Breathing During COVID Lockdown

Want to do something positive during COVID 19 lockdown? Then why not take a look at your breathing. For the duration of lockdown, if you started to exercise your breathing muscles, in 4 weeks time your breathing will thank you for it. Yes, 4-weeks is long enough to make a difference. Scientific trials into POWERbreathe

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What Is The Breathing System

This brief overview about your breathing system explains what physically happens when you breathe, as well as, what controls your breathing. It also looks at your respiratory system and the muscles you use for breathing. Furthermore, it highlights how breathing training with POWERbreathe IMT has a positive effect on your breathing muscles, by increasing their strength,

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Why Deep Breathing Exercises Are Good For You

Deep breathing exercises encourage the air you breathe in to fully fill your lungs. Also known as diaphragmatic breathing and abdominal breathing, it helps your body to breathe in as much energy giving oxygen as possible, and exchange it for the waste product carbon dioxide. As a result of this deep breathing and full gas

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Improving Lung Health

Improving your lung health is promoted annually on World Lung Day. This is an awareness day, organised by FIRS (Forum of International Respiratory Societies), for promoting better lung health, globally. The reason this is so important is because having healthy lungs will make your body work more effectively. Your lung health To ensure you keep

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Intention To Tender Design Consultancy

Invitation To Tender Invitation to tender POWERbreathe International 2020: New Product Concept Design Stage 1Project Code: PBIISA082020September 2020 1. BACKGROUND POWERbreathe International Ltd offers drug free, evidence-based, breathing rehabilitation and respiratory products. Recognised as global leaders in breathing rehabilitation technology developed by working closely with world leading Human Performance Scientists; Medical Practitioners; Electronic and Design

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Respiratory Muscle Training Valuable in COVID-19 Patient Recovery

Although we are learning about this new disease daily, interesting new research by Severin et al finds that, “in patients identified as having respiratory muscle impairments, respiratory muscle training may prove valuable in mitigating the health impact of future pandemics.” Severin et al Respiratory Muscle Training The purpose of respiratory muscle training (RMT) is to

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