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POWERbreathe International Limited is working with the renowned and critically acclaimed UK choir and instrumental ensemble, Armonico Consort, as well as with the education programme associated with it, the Armonico Consort Academy.

Singing Education Programme

The Armonico Consort Academy aims to create a singing legacy across the UK. To achieve this, they develop and support choirs and choir leaders through their in-school Choir Creation Scheme, as well as, their after school Armonico Consort Academy Choirs.

Armonico Consort and POWERbreathe

POWERbreathe International Limited is a leading provider of drug-free breathing devices for respiratory care. This includes devices for breathing training and breath control. As breath management and breath support are essential techniques for all performers, including singers and wind instrument players, we are able to support Armonico Consort with our better breathing products.

Armonico Consort’s 20th Anniversary

On 24th May 2022, over 2000 singers from Armonico Consort Academy’s choirs, are uniting at the Royal Albert Hall to also honour the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

‘A Singing Legacy’ Armonico Consort’s 20th Anniversary Video

This 20th-anniversary concert will feature the world premiere of ‘It Takes a City’, by composer Tony Young and commissioned by Armonico Consort. It takes its inspiration from the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” and celebrates the importance of individuality, community and diversity in families across the world.

Furthermore, the concert includes a special vocal fanfare, as well as, well-known foot-tapping favourites. The concert also offers the opportunity for audience participation as they are encouraged to join in and warm up their vocal cords.

Why Singing Is Good For You

If you have ever found yourself singing in the shower, you will understand how good it makes you feel. Singing, along with playing a musical instrument, can be therapeutic. It can boost your mood state and improve the amount of oxygen-rich air you breathe in, as well as the amount of carbon dioxide waste you breathe out. So, improving how well you breathe will not only improve your singing and musical performance but also the way you feel. In fact, Singing for Lung Health is one of the Asthma + LungUK Support Groups.

Breathing Devices For Improved Performance

POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) devices exercise your inspiratory muscles to improve breathing strength and stamina. By making any muscle stronger, including your main inspiratory muscle, the diaphragm, you will improve your ability to control it. This is why POWERbreathe IMT is a useful component of vocal exercises because it helps you to make full use of your lungs.

POWERbreathe Expiratory Muscle Training (EMT) devices enhance the strength, function, and endurance of your expiratory muscles. This enhancement contributes to increased vocal strength, stability, endurance, and power, crucial for sustaining long notes without breath depletion.

The POWERbreathe Flow-Ball Ultra is a simple-to-use and fun breathing exercise device for breath control. It helps you to control and release your breath in a steady and consistent way, to help singers sing without straining. In fact, Soprano Kari Ragan uses the POWERbreathe Flow-Ball for Respiration Coordination Exercises.