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The reason ‘Is POWERbreathe Any Good For Lowering Blood Pressure?’ is being asked is a result of the latest published research from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Research – Lowering Blood Pressure

Daniel H. Craighead and his team have been investigating whether 6 weeks of IMST (30 breaths/day, 6 days/week) improves blood pressure. Furthermore, they are also investigating whether it improves endothelial function and arterial stiffness in midlife/older adults (aged 50–79 years) with systolic blood pressure ≥120 mm Hg. And finally, they are investigating the potential mechanisms, as well as, long-lasting effects.

For inspiratory muscle strength training, both the sham group and the IMST group were given the POWERbreathe K3 to use.

Is POWERbreathe Any Good For Lowering Blood Pressure? Study Results Say Yes

The double-blind, randomized, sham-controlled trial that used the POWERbreathe K3 for IMST, reports:

“High-resistance IMST is a safe, highly adherable lifestyle intervention for improving blood pressure and endothelial function in midlife/older adults with above-normal initial systolic blood pressure.”

Journal of the American Heart Association

Is POWERbreathe Any Good For Lowering Blood Pressure? An Independent Review

Here, we share the findings from a POWERbreathe K3 user who is using his own training protocol to reap the benefits. In his own words, J Williamsen tells us about why he is using POWERbreathe breathing training and how he feels after using it.

Is POWERbreathe Any Good For Lowering Blood Pressure? A Review from J Williamsen

“I began using the K3 in late October 2021, after a bout of COVID-19 (and corresponding loss of stamina) and after reading the research paper on IMST for blood pressure-lowering (I have had hypertension for almost 30 years, taking 3 antihypertensive medications).”

“I have never followed the training regimen described in the research paper. Rather, I have just used the K3 on its automatic (not custom) setting, thirty inspirations (per the automatic setting) in one sitting, sometimes stopping for one/two breaks in the 30 inspirations (to swallow saliva).”

“I have kept track of my session results, which gradually improved over time, and are now at an asymptotic level for me (I am 83 years old; my “load” score is now ~50 each day). My systolic BP has dropped significantly and, over time, I have also reduced my medication by half. My regimen is one set of 30 inspirations (the default K3 protocol), one time per day, seven days a week.”

“I have made the K3 30 IMST/session part of my daily care regimen and am grateful to POWERbreathe for their devices and the research studies in support of IMST training.”

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