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This adapter bridges the ‘space’ between a POWERbreathe IMT device mouthpiece and a Trysafe Filter, or other 22mm F (female) connector.
  • Enables the attachment of a POWERbreathe Trysafe Filter or other 22mm F (female) connector
  • Facilitates the hygienic training/testing of multiple users via a Trysafe Filter
  • Two options: for POWERbreathe K-Series; for POWERbreathe Plus


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Healthcare Professionals will need to use this Spacer when using a POWERbreathe IMT device with multiple users. It enables attachment of a POWERbreathe Trysafe Filter, or other 22mm F (female) connector, to a POWERbreathe Plus or POWERbreathe K-Series device. These spacers have a have a 22mm M (male) end/diameter.

The POWERbreathe Spacer is also required when an IMT device is to be used in conjunction with a Respiratory Mask and Oxygen Mask Adapter. For instance, if a person or patient finds the Classic or K-Series mouthpiece uncomfortable to use, or if they’re on oxygen, a Spacer can be used to attach the Respiratory Mask or Oxygen Mask Adapter.

Polypropylene’s (PP)

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