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POWERbreathe K2



The POWERbreathe K2 is a hand held, electronic inspiratory muscle training device that offers an intermediate level of breathing training, without any software to deal with.

In addition to the features of the K1, the K2 also includes the Single Breath Test. This measures your inspiratory muscle strength, peak inspiratory flow rate and inhaled volume in a single breath.

The K2 stores data of your last training session and your last single breath test.



A graphic of 2 vertical grey arrows facing opposite directions. Text below reads warm-up, cool-down. The Breathe-Link logo is surrounded by 2 arrows forming a circle. Text reads Breathe-Link Software. A graphic of 5 vertical grey bars of differing heights. The text underneath reads training history. A graphic of 2 arrows in a circle joined with a jagged line. Text below reads Breathe-Link Pro-View. A graphic of a person with two arrows circling around them. Text below reads Breathe-Link Custom.

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