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Maximise Lung Volume & Boost Performance In 4 Weeks

The only device that measures breathing volume, load, power & energy

POWERbreathe K-Series

The K series devices all feature a unique, patented, electronically tapered flow resistive loading valve. This means the resistance is constantly monitored and tapered to match your reducing strength throughout the breath thus allowing greater flow and maximum volume rather than cutting off half way through the breath. The result is a more fulfilling and effective breath, maximum flow and volume plus more work per breath than traditional threshold pressure devices.

No other portable, hand-held breathing muscle trainer offers this level of training accuracy.

Train 30 Breaths Twice a Day

Scientifically proven training regimen gets results in just 4 weeks.

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Superior Performance

The K-Series Range


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Features & Specs



Features & Specs



Features & Specs



Features & Specs