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Boost performance & fitness in 4 weeks, in sport & physically demanding occupations, with breathing training, altitude and environmental simulation training, and ActiBreathe fitness programs.

Benefits For Sport


Restore breathing power & improve quality of life in people with major debilitating conditions, with clinically proven, drug-free breathing training and OPEP mucus clearance devices.

Benefits for Health

Performing Arts

Sustain forceful breathing, control your breath and prevent breathing fatigue, if you're a singer, dancer or musician, with flow-based and threshold breathing training, and ActiBreathe fitness programs.

Benefits for Performing Arts

Proven benefits

Drug-free & NHS approved

POWERbreathe IMT is drug-free with no side effects or drug interactions and is clinically proven to alleviate breathlessness.

20 years of validation

We have been established as creators of effective, evidence-based and drug-free breathing devices for more than 20 years. Our No. 1 breathing trainer was recognized by the WHO in 2021.

POWERbreathe Breathing Training – How It Works

The POWERbreathe breathing trainer strengthens your breathing muscles using resistance training. Our breathing device is often referred to as a dumbbell for your diaphragm. Use the breathing trainer for 30 breaths twice a day and see the benefits within 4-6 weeks.

The Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) device is scientifically proven to reduce breathing fatigue and increase breathing stamina in a wide range of people. From patients with respiratory illness to elite athletes – anyone can benefit from our breathing exercise device.

How the POWERbreathe EMT device works

POWERbreathe has a range of expiratory muscle training (EMT) devices designed to improve vocal and musical strength, stability, endurance and power whilst improving your quality of life. Our EMT devices are available at different resistance levels to suit individual needs.

Read our guide to learn how POWERbreathe EMT works.

  • How does the breathing trainer strengthen your expiratory muscles?
  • How to use your POWERbreathe EMT device
  • How often do you need to use the expiratory muscle trainer?
  • Who is the EMT device for?
  • When will you begin to see results?
  • Which model of breathing trainer do you need?

POWERbreathe Classic LR in Research

“IMT seems to be an effective option for improving respiratory functions and aerobic exercise capacity in JIA.”

Source: The effects of inspiratory muscle training on cardiorespiratory functions in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: A randomized controlled trial (Sarac et al; 2023)

POWERbreathe Classic LR
  • K-Series used in a major clinical trial for improving blood pressure.

  • Wellness - approved for prescription in the UK since 2006.

  • Scientific testing identified the POWERbreathe training protocol.

Used by Experts

POWERbreathe IMT is being used by leaders in their field

IMT Enhances Swimming Performance

Improvements in lung volume, inspiratory power, and inspiratory flow showcase the potential benefits of incorporating POWERbreathe IMT into the overall training regimen of athletes. Source: Research Regarding The Impact Of Resistance Training On Swimming Performance

IMT Improves COPD Symptoms

Respiratory muscle training with POWERbreathe significantly contributed to improving symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue and increased muscle strength, quality of life and functional capacity. Source: Respiratory Muscle Training In People With COPD: A Systematized Review

Helps Aging Adults Breathe Better

IMST with POWERbreathe was acceptable, feasible and safe as a hypertension intervention for older adults in Mysore, India. Source: Feasibility And Acceptability Of Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training Among Older Adults In Mysore, India

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