PBAES Inflatable Running Modules

Engineered with safety at the core, these inflatable running modules create the perfect environment within which to undertake running drills in a simulated altitude environment to improve speed, form, efficiency, and performance.
  • Provides versatility for a host of running drills
  • Available in 15m, 30m and 45 metre single lanes
  • A single, one-way valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate

This product cannot be purchased online. Therefore, for prices and if you would like to place an order, please contact us.

From sprint testing to running drills, with its varying length the PBAES inflatable running module can accommodate all training requirements at a simulated altitude.

As these Running Modules are inflatable and relatively lightweight, they can be deflated and compacted for transportation. In a couple of minutes, a module can be easily inflated or deflated. High-pressure support structures minimise the footprint, reducing floor space, whilst still maximising the internal working area.

PBAES Inflatable Modules are co-designed and manufactured by experts in the field of inflatable constructions, using patented technology to produce advanced and radical inflatable modules to meet your every need.

Supplied with electronic pump and storage bag.



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