PBAES High Performance Pro Mask Based Hypoxic Air Generator

This system enables athletes to acquire the benefits associated with simulated altitude training, without costly, lengthy and disruptive overseas travel to high altitude training camps. 
  • Flow Rate (LPM): 140LPM – 200LPM (typical operating range)
  • Can supply hypoxic air to Inflatable Sleep Modules and Inflatable Cycling Module (single only)
  • Integrated pulse oximeter


With inbuilt pulse oximetry displayed on the LCD display, this easy to use system can be used for both Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) or up to 8-hours sleeping (Live High [LH]). 

This system generates hypoxic air that is safe, reliable and fully adjustable up to an altitude of 4,500m (12% Oxygen*)  and a Flow Rate (LPM): 140LPM – 200LPM*

* Typical operating range. 


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