ActiBreathe Resistance Band with Hand Grips

Target upper body, legs and glutes with this adjustable resistance band and clips. Combine with POWERbreathe IMT to strengthen your breathing muscles and improve your stamina in the same workout.


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The ActiBreathe resistance band features hand / tension adjuster grips (one for each end of the resistance band), to allow the resistance of the band to be increased by moving the clips closer together. The shorter the band, the more resistance is applied. It is lightweight and portable making it an ideal travel exercise accessory.

The ActiBreathe resistance band provides a resistance for muscles to work against. Not only can it be used during exercise, including your own ActiBreathe workout in combination with POWERbreathe IMT,  but also for physical rehabilitation.

This band is ideal for rehabilitation because it provides different levels of resistance due to the removable hand grip/tensioner grips. This modification enables it to suit specific needs. For instance, one of the hand grips can be removed and the band attached to a suitable stabilising point, such as a door handle, for a particular exercise.

As the band is flat it is more comfortable to stand on for performing upper body exercises. The hand grips also make it more comfortable for performing upper body exercises such as  bicep curls, tricep curls and chest flys.


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