ActiBreathe Anti-burst Ball

Use to deliver a powerful workout for improving core strength, stability, flexibility and balance.
  • Anti-burst technology, designed to deflate slowly if punctured
  • Use with the ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore workout DVD
  • Can also be used in any core & stability workout


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The ActiBreathe core stability ball’s anti-burst technology is designed to deflate slowly if punctured, to avoid injury. This 65cm anti-burst core stability ball comes complete with pump for easy inflation. The 65cm size is ideally suited for a person’s height: 5’9″– 6’2″.

Designed to be used with the ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore workout DVD, this balance ball can also be used in any core workout.

The ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore workout will tone and strengthen all of your abdominal muscles with core stability exercises for improved muscle tone in your mid section. It also includes specific warm up, cool down and techniques sections to ensure an optimal training experience.

When using the exercise ball, make sure to sit upright on the ball with feet flat on the floor and weight evenly distributed. Make sure your upper torso creates a straight vertical line, with pelvis, shoulders and ears in line. Also ensure knees are either level or slightly lower than the pelvis.


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