ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore


The ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore Workout is the only health-inspired fitness workout to combine core muscle conditioning exercises with POWERbreathe training.

  • Tones and sculpts your abs, making them firmer and flatter 
  • Improves your core strength and stability and breathing control
  • Increases your breathing strength and stamina to make exercise feel easier (when POWERbreathe is incorporated)

Additional equipment required:

Level: Intermediate


ActiBreathe is the ultimate training experience and the only health-inspired fitness programme to combine body conditioning exercises with POWERbreathe better breathing training.

ActiBreathe consists of a series of unique programmes that quickly improve physical fitness and stamina, strengthen heart and lungs and improve long-term health and fitness.

ActiBreathe workouts combine the known benefits of physical exercise with the scientifically proven benefits of POWERbreathe breathing training.

The POWERbreathe breathing training device is not used continuously throughout the workout but only at the most optimum times to intensify the effect of a specific exercise and add resistance to your breathing to strengthen your diaphragm and intercostal muscles for better breathing and ultimately improve your stamina and resistance to fatigue. You may perform the workout without a POWERbreathe breathing training device but you all achieve maximum benefits if you include it. POWERbreathe is available separately.

With the inclusion of dynamic POWERbreathe breathing training, ActiBreathe is the most efficient way to condition and train your body, both on the inside and on the outside.

The ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore workout has been created to tone and sculpt firmer, flatter abdominals and build a strong core.

This intermediate 30-minute workout to music, tones and strengthens all of your abdominal muscles with core stability exercises for improved muscle tone in your mid section. An Exercise Ball is incorporated into the exercises, and postural and core training benefits are intensified by the use of POWERbreathe better breathing at specific times throughout the workout. Includes specific warm up, cool down and techniques sections to ensure an optimal training experience.

The level of difficulty can be adapted to suit individual needs as exercises can be performed without POWERbreathe initially for a lower intensity training level. For a higher intensity training level, you can simply adjust the variable training load on the POWERbreathe.

POWERbreathe can also be used daily outside of your ActiBreathe workout, at home, in the gym or as part of your sports training – simply breathe through the device for 30 breaths twice a day for scientifically proven better breathing benefits.

The workout is guided by Jon Trevor, ActiBreathe expert and celebrity trainer.

  • ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore Workout DVD

Any exercise programme comes with inherent risks. If in doubt please consult your healthcare professional before beginning this or any exercise programme.

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