ActiBreathe home workouts

ActiBreathe by POWERbreathe is a complete fitness-training programme; ideal for home workouts. It combines the benefits of tried and tested body conditioning exercises with POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT). These time-efficient workouts quickly improve physical fitness and stamina, while at the same time strengthening your heart and lungs. This benefits not only your long-term fitness but also your long-term health.

ActiBreathe for everyone

The uniqueness and adaptability Actibreathe home workouts provide make it suitable for all levels of fitness. It incorporates POWERbreathe IMT only at the most optimum times. The benefit of this to you and your workout is that it intensifies the effects of a specific exercise by adding resistance to your breathing. Because every POWERbreathe IMT device offers adjustable, variable training resistances, you can easily train at the right level for you. Additionally, as your breathing strength and stamina improves, you can increase the resistance on your POWERbreathe IMT device to challenge yourself yet further.

ActiBreathe Mini Workout DVD (approx 10-mins)

ActiBreathe workouts are available as kits, which include all fitness equipment required, or as a home workout on DVD only. The latter is ideal if you already have your own device but wish to benefit from the health-inspired fitness programme.

ActiBreathe home workouts


The ActiBreathe CardioCurve Workout is an energising workout that maximises aerobic fitness, boosts energy and blasts calories.

The CardioCurve programme is available as a kit, with all the fitness equipment you need:

  • POWERbreathe Plus IMT device (medium resistance)
  • CardioCurve Workout DVD (approx 30-mins)

The CardioCurve workout is also available as a standalone DVD. It is a 30-minute, low impact, medium intensity workout that is led by ActiBreathe expert and celebrity trainer Jon Trevor.


ActiBreathe MuscleMix Workout will sculpt and tone your upper and lower body while also boosting your metabolism and calorie burn.

MuscleMix is also available as a kit with all the equipment you will need for your home workout:

  • POWERbreathe Plus IMT device (medium resistance)
  • MuscleMix Workout DVD (approx 30-mins)
  • Resistance Band with Hand Grips

This MuscleMix workout is also available as a standalone DVD. The 30-minute, intermediate workout is set to music and is also guided by Master Trainer, Jon Trevor.


The ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore Workout tones and sculpts your abs, core – and more, for firmer, flatter abs and strong core.

The AbsCoreMore programme includes everything you need to build a strong core:

  • POWERbreathe Plus IMT device (medium resistance)
  • Core stability/exercise ball (65cm) and pump
  • AbsCoreMore Workout DVD (approx 30-mins)

If you already have equipment for a home workout, then the ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore DVD is ideal for you.

Total Body Conditioning

This ActiBreathe programme includes the three ActiBreathe workouts on DVD, as well as, all the equipment you need to perform all three workouts:

  • POWERbreathe Plus IMT device (medium resistance)
  • Deluxe Workout DVD – 3 workouts, 30-mins each (total approx 90-mins)
  • Resistance Band with Hand Grips
  • Core Stability Ball & pump

About ActiBreathe Master Trainer

Jon Trevor is on hand to guide you through each workout on the DVD. He ensures you use POWERbreathe IMT at the most optimum times throughout. However, you will still benefit if you are not always able to continue inspiratory muscle training at any time during the workout. You must go at your own pace and level.

Jon Trevor is Fitness Industry Association (FIA) registered and REPs Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals). Jon works with many award winning British soap actors and performing artists in pop, rock and musical theatre.