How POWERbreathe IMT Works

POWERbreathe is a multifunctional Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) tool that has a wide use of applications for a wide range of people. IMT is scientifically proven to benefit patients with respiratory illness and healthy people, including athletes at all levels of competition, including Olympians.

POWERbreathe IMT exercises the inspiratory muscles (those used to breathe in), improving their strength and stamina and reducing fatigue.  

8 thoughts on “How POWERbreathe IMT Works”

  1. Hi!

    I’m an amateur cycling!!!
    I have a dream to win a Brazil TT Champion, I was 3 last year and my vo2 is abouve 54, I have 40 years, 15 riding a bike!

    Which one I should bike?

  2. Hi there! I’m from Romania and I am a singer. I’m training to become an opera soloist, I’m on an early stage though. Which one should I buy?

    • Hello Pop and thank you for your enquiry. I would suggest that, unless you’re not particularly physically fit or have a respiratory issue, you go for the POWERbreathe Plus Medium Resistance. In conjunction with that, you may want to have a look at the Flowball too for breath exercising, as recommended by Kari Ragan in her book, A Systematic Approach to Voice. She mentions in her YouTube video about the book, how – and why – she uses the Flowball by POWERbreathe for breathing exercises (watch from approx 37:24mins). I hope that helps Pop, and thank you again for your enquiry. Best wishes to you.

  3. Hi
    I am female
    84 years of age
    I have Essential Tremor and a shaky voice
    I think one of these would help me to breath much more efficiently

    • Hello Myrna and thank you for your enquiry. I’ve asked a colleague to email you about this, rather than posting something here, so please look out for an email from Duncan Kerr. Best wishes to you.

  4. Hello
    I am testing regularly. Marathoner (aim sub 3) who also cycle and have an ironman (aim sub 11) this year. Former swimmer. VO2max 61, 44 years old, female.
    Which one would you recommend?


    • Hello and thank you for your interest in POWERbreathe IMT. We would recommend any of the K-Series devices, or a Plus Medium Resistance (MR). The reason for the MR as opposed to suggesting the Heavy Resistance (HR) is because the MR has a load range that is vast enough to accommodate your improvements, with the difference between each load being smaller than the HR. Because the difference between the load range on the HR is greater, it’s harder to make a gradual improvement and you may find that you just stop; unable to progress to the next load because of the jump. If you visit the MR page and click on the tab ‘Adjustable Load Selection Range’ you can see the comparison between the MR and HR models. The MR will provide more training opportunity for you than the HR. I hope that helps and thank you again for your interest. Best wishes to you, and stay safe and well.


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