The ActiBreathe fitness training programme by POWERbreathe combines the benefits of POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training with body conditioning exercises.

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ActiBreathe® home workouts combine the benefits of tried and tested body conditioning exercises with POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT).

  • Maximizes fitness in minimum time.
  • Exercises can be performed without POWERbreathe IMT initially for a lower intensity training level; or the POWERbreathe level of resistance may be increased for a higher intensity training level.
  • Guided workouts with Jon Trevor, ActiBreathe® expert, celebrity trainer, REPs and Fitness Industry Association Registered.

These time-efficient ActiBreathe® workouts quickly improve physical fitness and stamina, while at the same time strengthening your heart and lungs. This benefits not only your long-term fitness but also your long-term health.

Choose the home workout on DVD if you already have a POWERbreathe IMT device and exercise equipment. Alternatively, the complete kits contain all the equipment needed to start your ActiBreathe® workout.

ActiBreathe® workouts

  • ActiBreathe® CardioCurve Workout: maximizes aerobic fitness, boosts energy and blasts calories.
  • ActiBreathe® MuscleMix Workout: sculpts and tones upper and lower body while boosting metabolism and calorie burn.
  • ActiBreathe® AbsCoreMore Workout: tones and sculpts abs, core and more, for firmer, flatter, stronger abs and core.

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