Accessories and consumables for POWERbreathe breathing products.

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Although your breathing devices by POWERbreathe will last you for years, there are certain items that will need replacing regularly, such as Cleansing Tablets for keeping your devices clean, or a mouthpiece, which due to wear and tear will still need to be replaced, but less frequently.

POWERbreathe accessories include a replacement Storage Pouch for your device, Nose Clip and Mouthpiece, as well as, replacement USB Lead, Charger and three different colored Valve Heads for the K-Series and KH-Series.

We also offer optional accessories including a 22mm filter adapter that bridges the ‘space’ between a POWERbreathe IMT device mouthpiece and a Trysafe® Filter; an Oxygen Mask Adapter (to enable people who use oxygen with an oxygen mask to use POWERbreathe IMT); Respiratory Masks in three sizes (for soft cushioning and an airtight fit); and packs of the single-use Trysafe® Filters for use in clinics, for example, when testing more than one person’s respiratory parameters.

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