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Plus Inspiratory Muscle trainers (IMT) exercise your inspiratory muscles only, improving their strength & stamina and reducing breathing fatigue.

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picture showing inhalationThe POWERbreathe Plus inspiratory muscle breathing trainers are designed to strengthen your inspiratory muscles and improve breathing stamina. They create a resistance to your in-breath using a precisely calibrated, spring loaded ‘pressure threshold’ valve. The training is like a dumbbell for your diaphragm.

The Plus model is POWERbreathe’s second generation of breathing devices and features several design advancements compared to the Classic model.

Breathing training is more effective with the POWERbreathe Plus due to its optimized airflow. The IMT device boasts 11 adjustable levels, meaning its resistance can increase as your inspiratory muscles grow stronger. Another development of the Plus is its ergonomic mouthpiece. Compared to the Classic, the mouthpiece is softer, making breathing training more comfortable.

The POWERbreathe Plus can benefit the breathing function of many groups. Whether you’re looking to improve your sports performance, aid your recovery after surgery, or want to expand your vital capacity to help with singing, POWERbreathe is a great choice for you.

Consistently use your POWERbreathe Plus breathing trainer twice a day – taking 30 breaths each time – and you’ll start to see benefits within 4-6 weeks.

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Inspiratory Muscle Training
Clinically proven, pressure-threshold training technique
Available in light, medium or heavy resistance
Fully washable design
Calibrated inspiratory load
Manually adjustable training resistance
Resistance level indicator
Easy to read & adjust resistance gauge
Ergonomic grip design
Up to 65% improvement in airflow
Ergonomic mouthpiece design
Suitable for adult and pediatric use
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