1. In some instances if the POWERbreathe K-Series device is left unused for a period of time the unit will not automatically go into charge mode. You should connect the charger to the USB and then briefly push the ON button and ensure that the red light comes on then leave to charge for the full 16 hours. If the red light flashes or it won’t hold it’s charge then:

2. Your K-Series may need a Global Reset:

  • Whilst plugged in to the mains charger hold down both buttons, for approx 10 seconds. This should reset the battery indicator and the red LED should light and start a charge cycle. Allow unit to charge until Red light goes off or at least eight hours.

3. If the Global Reset does not resolve the problem then the battery will most likely have expired and you may need to replace it should you wish to use the device remotely. If this is the case we offer a replacement battery service at £24.94 including return to a UK address.

4. Please note: the POWERbreathe device can be used whilst connected to the mains or via PC for training purposes even when the battery has expired.