How POWERbreathe works

POWERbreathe uses a technique commonly known as resistance training, in much the same way as you might use weights to increase the strength of your arm muscles.

It has been called “dumbbells for the diaphragm” because it makes the breathing muscles work harder to improve their strength and endurance. When training with POWERbreathe you will notice that you have to work harder to breathe in. This is the effect of resistance training acting on the muscles used to inhale - primarily the diaphragm and rib cage muscles. When breathing out, there is no resistance and you can exhale normally, allowing the chest and breathing muscles to relax, naturally pushing the air from your lungs.

The POWERbreathe training system uses tried and proven techniques which are based upon our unique understanding of inspiratory muscle training – ‘pressure threshold training’. In the 1990s this new and far more reliable approach to Inspiratory Muscle Training (compared to ‘flow resistive training’) appeared in scientific literature. Pressure Threshold Training involves breathing against a pressure load and has been shown to be the most effective way to train the inspiratory muscles.

You could train your inspiratory muscles by breathing through a small hole, and you may have seen other products which use this approach. However this is rather like training with a dumbbell where the weights drop off the bar, or a treadmill which slows down unpredictably. It is unreliable, uncomfortable and ineffective.

  • POWERbreathe uses the scientifically proven pressure threshold system 
  • POWERbreathe has been researched and developed by professional sports scientists
  • POWERbreathe has undergone rigorous and systematic testing to identify the most effective training regimen

POWERbreathe comes with a comfortable mouthpiece and you simply breathe in through the device, using a little extra effort, and the device does the rest. Laboratory tests have shown that to get the maximum benefit, you only need to use POWERbreathe for 30 breaths, twice a day. That’s less than 5-minutes per day.

Within a few days your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger and within 3-weeks you’ll already be feeling less breathless. After only 4-6 weeks your inspiratory muscles should be in a much better condition, so much so that you can maintain the benefits with only one POWERbreathe training session every other day.

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