Are you looking for a way to lower blood pressure naturally? High blood pressure is a serious health concern affecting millions of people worldwide. While medications are commonly prescribed to manage this condition, there is growing interest in natural remedies that can help achieve the same results. One such promising method is Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST) using the POWERbreathe K3 IMT device. This innovative approach, backed by research from the University of Colorado, Boulder, has been shown to not only effectively lower blood pressure but also reduce the risk of heart attacks. Read on to discover how POWERbreathe IMST can be a natural, effective solution for managing hypertension and improving overall cardiovascular health.

Understanding High Blood Pressure and the Need for Natural Remedies

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the biggest single contributing risk factor to global health. While medication is often prescribed to manage blood pressure, recent research suggests that there’s a natural alternative: Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST) using the POWERbreathe K3 breathing trainer. Studies conducted at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and published in the Journal of the American Heart Association indicate that this innovative approach not only lowers blood pressure effectively but also reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Source: A multi-trial, retrospective analysis of the antihypertensive effects of high-resistance, low-volume inspiratory muscle strength training

Research Validates POWERbreathe IMST

Presented on National Public Radio in the U.S., Allison Aubrey underscores the research findings supporting the efficacy of POWERbreathe IMST. Listen below to how this natural home remedy has demonstrated significant promise in lowering high blood pressure levels.

Daily ‘breath training’ can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure (4-minute listen)

What Is IMST?

IMST, or Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training, is a rigorous form of strength training specifically targeting the muscles used for inhalation. Unlike traditional Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT), which improves inspiratory muscle strength and stamina with twice-daily sessions, IMST employs a more challenging protocol to maximise inspiratory muscle strength.

Why Natural Remedies Are Appealing

In today’s health-conscious society, there’s a growing interest in natural remedies for managing conditions like hypertension. IMST activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System through deep breathing techniques, offering a safe and effective method for lowering blood pressure without relying solely on medication.

How POWERbreathe IMST Works

POWERbreathe IMST involves 30 breaths using the POWERbreathe K3 device, lasting approximately five minutes. This approach has been shown to rival the efficacy of aerobic exercise and certain medications in reducing blood pressure and improving arterial function. In the Colorado research, participants used the electronic POWERbreathe K3, a hand-held, drug-free device known as the ‘dumbbell for your diaphragm,’ to perform IMST. This device uses resistance to make your inspiratory muscles work harder as you breathe in through it.

Lower Blood Pressure With POWERbreathe IMST

Choosing The Right Inspiratory Muscle Training Device

The POWERbreathe K3 is the preferred device for IMST, offering ease of use, comprehensive training feedback, and significant effectiveness in lowering blood pressure. For those seeking a more affordable option, the POWERbreathe Plus MR provides a viable alternative without compromising on effectiveness. This device allows you to manually adjust the resistance to ensure you train your inspiratory muscles effectively. Lead researcher, Daniel Craighead says,

“The key is that they have to provide this high resistance to inspiration. And because it’s something that you can’t really do with exercise, it’s going to be hard to do without some sort of device.”

Strength Training Your Breathing Muscles Can Improve Heart Health, According to a New Study (Well + Good)

IMST Training Protocol

Research participants used the POWERbreathe K3 device to perform 30 inspiratory manoeuvres, taking approximately five minutes (5 sets of 6 breaths-in, with 1-minute rest between sets), six days per week, for six weeks. Training started at 55% maximal inspiratory pressure (PIMAX ) and increased to 75% PIMAX over the course of the programme. PIMAX is a measure of inspiratory muscle strength, primarily the diaphragm.

IMST Protocol To Lower Blood Pressure

  • 5 sets of 6 inspiratory breaths
  • 1-minute rest between sets
  • 6 days per week
  • For 6 weeks

Subjects in the IMST group trained at:

  • 55% PIMAX during week 1
  • 65% PIMAX during week 2
  • 75% PIMAX during weeks 3 to 6

Basically, in order to achieve results similar to those found in the research, you will need to train your inhalation to become much greater than you’ll ever experience during normal daily life or exercise. This is why the IMST protocol for lowering blood pressure is challenging.

The research used the electronic K-Series which will work out your percentage of PIMAX for you using the S-Index test. However, although it is not possible to perform a maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) test to determine PIMAX using a POWERbreathe Plus ‘pressure threshold’ device, you are still able to work this out – approximately.

IMST Using POWERbreathe Plus MR

Simply wind up the resistance on your manually adjustable POWERbreathe Plus IMT device, until you can just about take a full breath in. Treat this as your maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP). Then, look at the scale on your device to check the training level that you have achieved. You can then work out your percentages from that number, using Table 1 below.

For instance, if you can just about take a full breath in on Level 3 of the Plus Medium Resistance (i.e. 72cmH2O as shown in Table 1), then work out what 55% of 72 is. It is 39.6. Referring back to Table 1, you will see that 39cmH2O on the POWERbreathe Plus Medium Resistance model is Level 1. This is the level you should be training at during week 1. Using this level/breathing load, you can then work out what 55%, 65% and 75% will be for weeks 2 – 6.

POWERbreathe Plus Load Selection Range Table
Table 1: POWERbreathe Plus Load Selection Range

Health Benefits Beyond Blood Pressure

In addition to lowering blood pressure, POWERbreathe IMST enhances vascular health, cognitive function, exercise tolerance, and sports performance. Study participants not only reduced their blood pressure but also improved their blood vessel health. They also performed better on cognitive and memory tests. They were also able to keep their heart rate and oxygen consumption lower during exercise, demonstrating increased exercise tolerance.

Future Prospects of IMST

Ongoing research continues to explore the long-term effects of IMST, including its potential for sustained blood pressure reduction beyond the training period. Preliminary findings suggest that the blood pressure-lowering effects of IMST are largely maintained for weeks after the training period concludes. Assistant Research Professor Daniel H. Craighead, PhD, is investigating whether a maintenance program of less frequent IMST sessions could help sustain these benefits. Furthermore, Professor Craighead discusses the Translational Potential of High-Resistance Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training, looking at the efficacy of high-resistance POWERbreathe IMST for improving cardiovascular function in other at-risk populations.


Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST) with devices like the POWERbreathe K3 offers a promising way to naturally lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. As research continues, the benefits of IMST for heart health and wellbeing will become clearer. This IMST method provides an effective, natural option for managing hypertension. For those interested, the electronic POWERbreathe K3 and the more affordable, mechanical POWERbreathe Plus MR are excellent choices to begin this practice.

“Finally… results provide support for high‐resistance IMST as a promising lifestyle intervention for improving cardiovascular function and possibly decreasing the risk of CVD [cardiovascular disease] and other clinical disorders, such as cognitive dysfunction and chronic kidney disease.”

Learn More About IMT

In addition to using POWERbreathe IMST to help lower blood pressure, the IMT training protocol of just 30 breaths twice a day is already scientifically proven to improve inspiratory muscle strength and stamina and reduce breathing fatigue. This is beneficial in sport and fitness, health and lifestyle, as well as for those in the performing arts.

There is a POWERbreathe IMT breathing trainer suitable for everyone. Find out how the POWERbreathe IMT device works or read more about the types of breathing trainers in What is Inspiratory Muscle Training.