In this article ‘Get Your Breathing Right: The Foundation for Good Singing’, published recently in TakeLessons online, voice teacher Ben shares his tips for proper breathing for singers, as he says breathing is the foundation for all good singing.

Ben begins by talking about how your voice actually works, and then how, when singing, you need to breathe effectively as you need to take in more air than when you’re speaking in order to reach and carry notes.

Three Techniques For Breathing For Singing

1. Breathe to expand, not to raise
2. Expand your breathing capacity
3. Add a tone

Both points 1 and 2 above should help you, as a singer, achieve point 3, adding a tone, as they both concentrate on inhaling as much air as possible into the diaphragm and filling the useable area of your lungs to their fullest capacity. As you learn to breath in more air, you’ll find you’ll have more air to ration out during your exhale.

This is where POWERbreathe IMT can help. Because POWERbreathe is an Inspiratory Muscle Training device, it helps you to breathe in more air by exercising the breathing muscles in one simple operation. By just breathing in through the device against an adjustable resistance for 30 breaths twice a day, the breathing muscles, mainly the diaphragm and intercostals, are subjected to a training stimulus which exercises them, improving their strength and stamina and enabling you to take deeper breaths.

The article summarises by suggesting that

“If you’re having trouble figuring out the right way to breathe, a voice teacher can observe your process and help you identify the breathing muscles you need to utilize. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to achieve your vocal goals when you just learn to breathe!” 

This is great advice!