Breathe deeply and your body reacts in positive ways

Breathe deeply and your body reacts in positive ways

Breathe deeply and your body reacts in positive ways

Breathe deeply and your body reacts in positive ways

How It Works

How It Works

Breathe IN through the device against the scientifically calibrated resistance for 30 breaths, twice a day, increasing the resistance as your breathing gets stronger.

Lifestyle Benefits
Improvement in asthma symptoms (up to 75%)
Improvement in laboured breathing by 36% & quality of life by 21%
Improves breathing strength and stamina and reduces breathing fatigue in medial conditions where difficult or laboured breathing is present
Drug-free and scientifically proven to reduce shortness of breath
Reduces shortness of breath, restores breathing power and is quick and easy to use
Prevents breathing fatigue to sustain forceful breathing & inflates the lungs for deeper breaths
Increases breathing strength and stamina to improve your performance
Enhances the ability to inflate the lungs, control the breath and sustain forceful breathing
Reduces breathing effort in those faced with physically demanding occupational situations where breathing demand is raised
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Save every breath on your Mac/PC
POWERbreathe on Mac/PC
Live Breath Test

Measures inspiratory muscle strength, peak inspiratory flow rate & inhaled volume in a single breath

POWERbreathe on Mac/PC
Live Training - Pro View

Detailed, simultaneous plotting and analysis of all inspiratory muscle training data.

POWERbreathe on Mac/PC
Custom Mode

Create and upload your own personalised breathing training sessions.

Positive reaction

Tension is released, posture improves, muscles relax and blood pressure returns to normal. Endorphins are released that elevate your mood and reduce anxiety.

Energy boosting

Oxygen exchange improves and your body is able to 'work' better as workload on your heart reduces and energy levels are boosted. All from one deep inspiratory breath.

Feel stronger, be stronger

Exercise these vital inspiratory muscles with POWERbreathe and you'll feel stronger both physically and mentally.

More than breathing

Put a spring back in your step. Get a kick out life. Make every breath count.

There's a POWERbreathe for everyone.

We have a POWERbreathe device to suit all budgets and breathing training requirements.

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