Specific Respiratory Warm-Up Improves Rowing Performance And Exertional Dyspnea

“The purpose of this study was a) to compare the effect of three different warm-up protocols upon rowing performance and perception of dyspnea, and b) to identify the functional significance of a respiratory warm-up.”


“Data suggest that a combination of a respiratory warm-up protocol together with a specific rowing warm-up is more effective than a specific rowing warm-up or a submaximal warm-up alone as a preparation for rowing performance.”

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Effect Of Specific Inspiratory Muscle Warm-Up On intense Intermittent Run To Exhaustion

“In this test the effects of inspiratory muscle warm-up on the maximum dynamic inspiratory muscle function and the maximum repetitions of 20-m shuttle run in the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test were examined.”


“Findings suggested that the specific inspiratory muscle warm-up may entail reduction in breathlessness sensation, partly attributable to the enhancement of dynamic inspiratory muscle functions, in subsequent exhaustive intermittent run and, in turn, improve the exercise tolerance.”

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POWERbreathe Sports Warm-up

This POWERbreathe Instructional Video reveals how a traditional sports warm-up fails to warm-up the breathing muscles, which leads to excessive breathlessness at the start of exercise, and then goes on to demonstrate how this may be avoided if you use POWERbreathe as part of your warm-up routine. Continue reading POWERbreathe Sports Warm-up