POWERbreathe offered in sports science support

The Spring 2015 edition of the University of Kent’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences’ newsletter contains an interesting article by Dr John Dickinson who’s research found that 70% of top swimmers from the British Swimming squad suffer from some form of respiratory condition, especially exercise-induced asthma #EIA (page 9), and also a Research Spotlight (page 8) into a 12-week support programme aimed at assessing and improving a student’s sporting performance.

Discussions with the student revealed that he needed to improve his breathing efficiency during swimming. The article reveals that “To achieve this we implemented a twice-daily breathing training regime” – this was using POWERbreathe!

The student returned to the lab after 3-months to perform fitness tests which found that he had markedly improved his swimming performance, demonstrating a 4-second improvement over 100m and a 5-second improvement over both 200m and 400m distances.

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