Mark Racher – Week 2 and up a level on POWERbreathe

Well this week I had set my POWERbreathe at level 3 and I noticed the extra resistance right away ouch!!!! But I know that is working already

I have stuck to the 2×20 as I’m finding by the end I can’t do anymore at that level 3. I also have been doing one set before any workout I do at level 2 of 20 breaths as I’m finding this helps me in the sessions especially on the bike when I’m doing my base endurance sessions on the turbo.

I am really noticing the effect already out on the road when I’m running and on the bike when I’m attacking the hills were I used to get shortness of breath this any happening no more so things are looking up already .

I’m hoping to start using the POWERbreathe in the session as well next week at level 2 Were I will be showing you how You can integrate the POWERbreathe in your session so watch this space


Mark Racher

James McDowell: Age Group Triathlete – Training my lungs week 3

Well what an action packed 7 days the passed week has been…..

With last minute exam cramming at the start of the week, sitting an exam in Financial Services Regulation and Ethics on Wednesday morning, squeezing a week of client work into one Wednesday afternoon, Belfast to London for Business Development on Thursday, England vs India at Lords on Friday and the weekend in Guildford catching up with friends.

It almost leaves me out of breath thinking about it but thankfully with the slick compact design of my Powerbreathe Plus I was at least able to stick to my lung training. with no apparent metal components it also slips neatly into hand luggage with no issues!

With training in the last 7 days limited to 2.4miles in the pool, 6 miles on the road and an embarrassing 0 miles on the bike I didn’t have much time to push my fitness and experience the benefits of my Powerbreathe 30 breaths, twice a day.

4 days in a row resting does have its advantages though! Hitting the road hard this evening my body felt rejuvenated and able to push a 60 mile run to a PB of almost 8 mile. It was also the first experience that I am starting to benefit from my lung training.

My chest warmed up faster and settled into a strong, comfortable breathing pattern noticeably quicker. Additionally, recovery of breath between sprints was shorter.

End of week two with the Powerbreathe Plus lung trainer on level one has had it’s benefits. While it is still too early for the benefits to be evident in a percentage increase in my performance, the strict ritual of 30 breaths twice a day (morning & night) is starting to make the draw of breath under strenuous activity both stronger and comfortable.

Week 3 & resistance level 2! – pushing up a level is tough and it proved a challenge to complete the 30 breaths this morning, but as with everything, practice makes perfect.

Roll on bedtime & the last 30 breaths of the day on level two! (my 2nd Darth Vader impression of the day as nicknamed by wife regarding the sound of me training on my PowerBreathe)

May the Force be with you!!! 🙂

Benefits of POWERbreathe

James McDowell: Age Group Triathlete – Training my lungs week 1 and 2

Triathlon has it’s fair share of gadgets, gismo’s and Gucci gear for every aspect of training and competing. But one area I hadn’t came across until now was training my lungs.

Like most, I’m sure, the main assumption was lung strength would develop inline with gains in fitness. Having a typically weak chest & experiencing shortness of breath during sprint sets on both the bike and run, a Google search brought me to the PowerBreathe.

Out to achieve any training and conditioning assistance I can to help make it across that Ironman finish line I purchased the PowerBreathe Plus Medium.

First impressions: Compact, Light, simple design, easy to use & simple to disassemble for cleaning. (Last point is very important when your OCD)

For my first week I started off on the lowest setting to allow me to simply get used to a comfortable breathing pattern with the PowerBreathe. I set a time schedule for my 30 breaths, twice a day, for first thing in the morning and last thing at night. With 10 resistance settings my aim is to progress up the scale on a weekly basis by one level of resistance and see how we go.

As a scuba diver I am used to breathing through a regulator and experiencing the draw effect when in deep water, so I found each session of 30 breaths on resistance level 0 to be comfortable and manageable. The compact design of the PowerBreathe also meant that I was able to pop it in an over night bagwhen traveling to stay with friends so no disruption to my training routine!

As week one has come to a close I haven’t noticed much of a gain, but then again, I was not expecting to. My initial week was all about getting familiar with the PowerBreathe to avoid injury and hopefully now the real training & results will start.

Today is Day 1 – Week 2 and the PowerBreathe was cranked up to resistance level 1. The difference was immediate and I really noticed the extra effort that was needed to draw a good deep inhale each time. Completing the the 30 breaths however was no less uncomfortable, but I did feel that my chest was stronger on completion of the exercise (almost as if I has just ran hard for 30 mins).

I am a big fan of my new toy and looking forward to how I feel at the end of week 2.

To find out more about the PowerBreathe & How it could benefit you visit:

Improve Triathlon Training


I am completing my triathllon for charity. My chosen charity is Northern Ireland Cancer Fund For Children.


Here is a link to their website.


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