Changes In Respiratory Muscle And Lung Function Following Marathon Running In Man

“Respiratory muscle fatigue has been reported following short bouts of high-intensity exercise, and prolonged, moderate-intensity exercise… However, links to functionally relevant outcomes such as breathing effort have been lacking. This study examined dyspnoea and leg fatigue during a treadmill marathon in nine experienced runners.”


“Results confirm that prolonged moderate-intensity exercise induces inspiratory muscle fatigue. Furthermore, they suggest that the relative intensity of inspiratory muscle work during exercise makes some contribution to leg fatigue.”

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Inspiratory Muscles Experience Fatigue Faster Than Calf Muscles During Treadmill Marching

“The aim of this study was to determine whether treadmill marching exercise induces respiratory muscle fatigue, and to compare the extent and rate of respiratory muscle fatigue to those of the calf musculature.


“Results indicated that:

  1. the inspiratory and calf muscles are the ones experiencing the most dominant fatigue during treadmill marching
  2. the rate of fatigue of each muscle group was monotonic between the initial and terminal phases of exercise
  3. the inspiratory muscles fatigue significantly faster than the calf at the terminal phase of exercise, and are likely to fatigue faster during the initial exercise as well.

Accordingly, this study supports the hypothesis that fatigue of the inspiratory muscles may be a limiting factor during exercise.”

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Treadmill Walking In Water Induces Greater Respiratory Muscle Fatigue Than On Land

“The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of walking in water on respiratory muscle fatigue compared with that of walking on land at the same exercise intensity.”


“Greater inspiratory and expiratory muscle fatigue was induced by walking in water than by walking on land at the same exercise intensity in healthy young men.”

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