Inspiratory muscle training should be part of your sports training

Inspiratory Muscle TrainingRelatively simple inspiratory muscle training exercises can allow you to breathe effectively and with ease as well as help to improve your respiratory muscles.  Respiratory muscle training is not restricted to people who suffer from lung disorders, respiratory conditions, quite the opposite. Fit and healthy individuals can also benefit from IMT training as these breathing exercises can assist in increasing lung performance.

Whenever we undertake any form of exercise or physical activity more emphasis is placed on our breathing. This can lead to muscle fatigue particularly if you are a sports athlete and participate in marathon events, triathlons or any other form of high stamina sporting activity. In breathing muscle fatigue occurs in the inspiratory muscles which are used to inhale. When taking part in sports activity these muscles have to work harder which means your breathing is uncomfortable you suffer shortness of breath. This further results in muscle fatigue in the leg muscles as your body is struggling to send oxygen to the legs making the legs weak which results in your balance being impaired.

By having some discipline in your breathing and doing regular inspiratory muscle training you can improve your breathing. You will feel more comfortable breathing during running as your breathing muscles will have less stress placed upon them.

If you regularly run or participate in any form of sports training then it is important that you perform breathing exercises. Neglecting to correctly warm up can lead to breathlessness. POWERbreathe products for Inspiratory Muscle Training can be used to specifically warm-up these muscles prior to exercise, using a reduced load setting.