Phil Bradbury – my breathing seems significantly easier (week 9)

I have just completed week 9 with the Powerbreathe.
This week I have moved up to level 5.5 and still doing my 10 breaths at half load, 30 at full load and finishing with 10 at half load.
In December I generally start to feel very tight in my chest when under exercise stress and this does affect my cycling as I struggle to get enough breath in.
I hope I am not tempting fate here, for the first time I can remember this year my breathing is significantly easier and this makes exercise much more productive.
If this continues I will consider using the Powerbreathe has been a success for me.
Phil Bradbury

Last man standing – any coincidence

ColinFestive greetings,

Apologies it’s been a while, I have been rather busy with the usual things in life (NVQ, Youth Work, Kickboxing, General Fitness training, Fund raising, meetings, my regular full time job and of course family life).

The good news is I have almost completed my NVQ  and I have now broken up from Youth Club for Christmas so have my evenings back and have taken a little time out from Kickboxing over Christmas.


Over the last few weeks I have been training hard and raising funds for Cancer Research UK for my friend Matt and his family and along the way I have had Powerbreathe on my side.

I have been experimenting with the settings of the Powerbreathe and increased the resistance to give my lungs a great work out. One thing I have noticed while everyone around me appears to be suffering from the winter colds and viruses (this is normally a time when my asthma kicks in full force), I am still going strong. I have managed to keep away all the sniffles and grogginess associated and I’m feeling fitter than ever at the moment (a coincidence?).

Over the last 6 weeks I have also been putting in 110% into my training and also raising money for my friend with sponsored swims and other fitness activities, I have managed to drop 5% body fat in this time and also add 3lbs of raw muscle.

I also have another promotional shoot coming up as some of the last pictures  that were taken didn’t go as planned and my promoter/sponsor was not happy with them! They have agreed that I can do some with my Powerbreathe shirt on and that I am able to tag them and pass them onto yourselves for promotional usage.

Powerbreathe training – I’m still using mine twice per day at the moment (morning and evening), and for 30 breaths each, I slowly increase the resistance over the days for 1 week then go back to the beginning, I feel that this is giving my lungs a progressive work out and as I change the intensity it keeps the workouts interesting.

I have also been planning a new exercise routine for next year and my Powerbreathe training forms a big part to this. So I will be looking to get the most benefit from this breathing training.

I have been reading the journals on Facebook and have been keeping up with most of the Powerbreathe news. Now I have my evenings back to myself again I will be making more contributions.

Hope you are all well over at Powerbreathe Towers? And wish you a very Merry Christmas.

With Love


Phil Bradbury – I’m concentrating on getting fuller breaths (week 8)

I have just completed week 8 with the Powerbreathe.
This week still working at level 5 with my 10 breaths at half load, 30 at full load and 10 at half load routine.
I could probably move the level up a little but I think for me it is more beneficial to concentrate on getting fuller breaths at the current level than shallow breaths at a higher level.

Better breathing journey week 4

Just completed the fourth week of using the Powerbreathe unit.

1) Still maintaining two daily sessions with the Powerbreathe.

2) I think I may have moved up the resistance setting too fast for my progress as I wasn’t really achieving adequate breaths at any point, dropped back down from 4.5 to 4.0.

3) Not sure yet that I am feeling any difference in my breathing when I am training.

Phil Bradbury

POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 14: I left the inhaler on purpose

Melanie Ryding I forgot the inhaler on purposeMelanie Ryding I forgot the inhaler on purposeThis week, I am beginning to realise that I in fact do NOT need that inhaler at all. Up till now i have always taken it (just in case) but this week, I went to the track WITHOUT it on purpose. Coach is not holding back on me at all, and I am learning to permanently hurt!!

This weeks track was fartlek (speed play) on the roads instead of the track. race pace, with even faster bursts. sheesh!! Summary: yes, it was hard hard, hard, and I told coach where in the car the inhaler was in case I needed it (he is now more worried than me!) but there was nothing to be worried about!.

The rest of the training? Big weights are starting to kick back in again, and to be honest it doesnt seem much like winter training to me, it seems as hard as it ever was!! The first cross country of the winter was last week too – a lovely cheeky little race with 4 river crossings! A steep banked brook that was just a teeny bit too wide was hillarious fun as far as i was concerned, but every time I came to the jump I encountered and had to shimmy round people queuing and stepping carefully! Move over, this is a race dont you know!!

My new mini mission is to mentally as well as physically forget that i ever had asthma. I WILL make it a thing of the past, with the continued help from POWERbreathe.


POWERbreathe User Trial: Phil Bradbury – Gradual progression

Just completed the second week of using the POWERbreathe unit.

1) I have been gradually moving up the setting scale and am now on a setting of 3.5 which feels like that is just about the point where I am failing to achieve the full 30 breaths.

2) As the resistance increases the effort required it has started to feel uncomfortable around my face and neck.

3) I don’t yet have an opinion on whether the exercise is changing my performance in any way, but early days yet.

4) In the past I have always felt that at this time of year my breathing becomes a greater limit to my performance than in summer, so proceeding with interest.

Phil Bradbury