Last man standing – any coincidence

ColinFestive greetings,

Apologies it’s been a while, I have been rather busy with the usual things in life (NVQ, Youth Work, Kickboxing, General Fitness training, Fund raising, meetings, my regular full time job and of course family life).

The good news is I have almost completed my NVQ  and I have now broken up from Youth Club for Christmas so have my evenings back and have taken a little time out from Kickboxing over Christmas.


Over the last few weeks I have been training hard and raising funds for Cancer Research UK for my friend Matt and his family and along the way I have had Powerbreathe on my side.

I have been experimenting with the settings of the Powerbreathe and increased the resistance to give my lungs a great work out. One thing I have noticed while everyone around me appears to be suffering from the winter colds and viruses (this is normally a time when my asthma kicks in full force), I am still going strong. I have managed to keep away all the sniffles and grogginess associated and I’m feeling fitter than ever at the moment (a coincidence?).

Over the last 6 weeks I have also been putting in 110% into my training and also raising money for my friend with sponsored swims and other fitness activities, I have managed to drop 5% body fat in this time and also add 3lbs of raw muscle.

I also have another promotional shoot coming up as some of the last pictures  that were taken didn’t go as planned and my promoter/sponsor was not happy with them! They have agreed that I can do some with my Powerbreathe shirt on and that I am able to tag them and pass them onto yourselves for promotional usage.

Powerbreathe training – I’m still using mine twice per day at the moment (morning and evening), and for 30 breaths each, I slowly increase the resistance over the days for 1 week then go back to the beginning, I feel that this is giving my lungs a progressive work out and as I change the intensity it keeps the workouts interesting.

I have also been planning a new exercise routine for next year and my Powerbreathe training forms a big part to this. So I will be looking to get the most benefit from this breathing training.

I have been reading the journals on Facebook and have been keeping up with most of the Powerbreathe news. Now I have my evenings back to myself again I will be making more contributions.

Hope you are all well over at Powerbreathe Towers? And wish you a very Merry Christmas.

With Love


Phil Bradbury – I’m concentrating on getting fuller breaths (week 8)

I have just completed week 8 with the Powerbreathe.
This week still working at level 5 with my 10 breaths at half load, 30 at full load and 10 at half load routine.
I could probably move the level up a little but I think for me it is more beneficial to concentrate on getting fuller breaths at the current level than shallow breaths at a higher level.

POWERbreathe user trial: Martin Haines – Best laid plans

Another spanner in the works, talk about ‘best laid plans’. The cardio work has increased over the last 2 weeks more than I’d anticipated due my tearing brachioradialis in my arm. Gutted.  It’s not that common, so I must have some deep biomechanical issues that I wasn’t aware of – embarrassing as I’m a Biomechanics Coach!  So I’ve been doing quite a bit more cardio than I’d planned.  Anyway, that’s starting to progress well as you’d expect and I’ve lost a couple of kilo’s so the old ticker is happy.  I’ve actually started an indoor cycling class, which is fun, but hard work!  I must try a proper spinning class to compare.  Has the powerbreathe had any impact on any the of the cardio work I’ve been doing? I’m not sure to be honest, hopefully I’ll have a better idea in a few weeks.


Keep moving freely




Intelligent Training Systems


UK Biomechanics Coaching Association

The trial is over: and the asthma is cured!

So 12 wMelanie Rydingeeks have come to an end, and wow, what a change has occurred.

When I started this trial I was an athlete and an asthma sufferer. Now, quite simply, I’m an athlete. You think I exaggerate? No I don’t!

I stopped needing the inhaler in about week 3 or 4. I carried around with me for a further 3-4 weeks ‘just in case’. In fact, my coach was quite concerned when I first stopped carrying it.

I usually needed it when I was doing intense training. I have an inhaler I got from the doctor, that is still in the box. One prescription charge wasted I think! In fact the doctor recently refused to give me a flu jab because i ‘no longer seemed to have asthma’.

This was exactly why I wanted to do this trial. Could the powerbreathe cure asthma? It was a physical limiter for me, putting a cap on what might be possible in intense training sessions due to the restriction.

I look forward to finding out the new extent of the limitless possibilities because I will not need that any more!!

Does powerbreathe work? YES!
Did I think it would when I started? No, I was not completely convinced!
Would I recommend it to other asthma sufferers? OH YES!!

The theory behind this product and how it works is very logical, why would you NOT try it?









Melanie Ryding
GB Age group triathlete

POWERbreathe user trial – Jen Howse: It has arrived

Jen-Howse-RowingWell, my POWERbreathe has now arrived and I look forward to using it.

I’m going to be blogging in the lead up to the CRASH-B sprints in Boston in February 2012. So a bit of background on me.

I’m a rower who competes both on the water and indoors on the Concept 2 rowing machine, otherwise known as the erg (or by various other terms not suitable for publication!). I also do some running as cross training and dabble in cycling just for good measure.

So what is the CRASH-BS? Every year in February rowers descend on Boston to compete over 2000m – the length of an Olympic regatta. There are categories covering all ages – I believe the oldest was 93. The top heavyweight men cover the distance in just under 6 minutes and the top heavy weight women in just less than 7 minutes. And it’s a very painful 7 minutes!

I went for the first time in 2010 and managed to come 4th in the 30-39 heavyweight category in 7:22.2, around 16 seconds behind the winner of the category. As an asthmatic I found that the atmosphere in the arena was very difficult and I’m hoping that training with POWERbreathe will help with that. I’m aiming to change category this year and switch to the 30-39 lightweight category. I’ve done a 2k test to get a starting mark in build up. The next step in training is to begin to use the POWERbreathe. The next test is the British Online Rowing Championship at the end of November.

I’ll be reporting back on how I find the POWERbreathe and how training is going.


POWERbreathe user trial – Phil Bradbury: Now on my third week

Just completed the third week of using the Powerbreathe unit and here is my update 🙂 Would love your comments below.

  1. I continue to consistently carry out two sessions per day with the Powerbreathe. Still gradually moving the setting upwards and have just moved up to 4.5, at which I find it difficult to reach the full 30 breaths, so I will keep working at that.
  2. As the loading as increased I find I need to concentrate more on my breathing practice, its too easy to fall into a panting style.  To maintain good practice requires a determined effort on each breath and this has made me slow down and pay attention.
  3. Just out of interest I reset the unit down to my starting point of zero and tried a few breaths at increments back up to my current setting. Memory is unreliable but from memory it did feel as though my ability to take full breaths at the these lower setting was significantly improved.
  4. I don’t yet have a view of the effect of this training on my cycling or rowing, but I don’t think three weeks is a lot of training.

Phil Bradbury

POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines: Interesting few weeks

I’ve had an interesting few weeks actually.  I’ve reduced the amount of cardio training I’ve been doing and mainly focused on strength work. This includes weight lifting rather than weight training as such, so; squats, deadlift, cleans etc.  Mixing it up to reduce the boredom factor!  Some time ago I sat one of the UKSCA weight lifting courses and since then I’ve tried to practice what they taught me (often unsuccessfully I’m sure!).   Anyway, usually when I do work that puts a compressive force through my spine, my thoracic spine doesn’t like it.  In previous blogs I’ve mentioned about rib issues I have and I also have an old crush fracture of my T4 vertebra.  These issues are usually enough to cause pain when I do this type of training.

Interestingly though I still get some discomfort, I must say that I haven’t had as much as normal.  I can’t say that it’s down to the powerbreathe, but it’s the only thing that I have done differently, so maybe it is?  Maybe my ribs are moving better, maybe my intercostals are ‘stronger’, maybe its psychosomatic.  Its interesting though. I plan to keep this sort of training going for a while and over the next month or so I’ll increase my cardio work to, let’s see what happens then.



Keep moving freely


POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 5: It’s been hectic to say the least…..

Hello sorry for the silence! It has been a hectic few months at Diverse Health & Fitness!

The last time I blogged I had just completed the Love Life Love Running 10k in Cannock Chase smashing my previous personal best time, I believe my POWERbreathe training played a huge part in this and also came in handy warming up before the event to get my lungs ready to perform.

A couple of weeks after the event I took a well deserved summer break! Unfortunately there was no room in my case for my POWERbreathe…………….

Although I did not use my POWERbreathe during my holiday, my training came in handy when snorkelling. This year I holidayed in Egypt famed for its reefs and exotic marine life, I have always had breathing difficulties underwater during previous snorkelling experience but this time my breathing pattern seemed much more relaxed. My POWERbreathe training will of only of helped this, allowing me to stay out snorkelling for longer periods of time which was great as there was some much to see under there, it is like a whole different world!

Upon my return from my holiday I had so much work to catch up on that it took me a few weeks to get back in to full training, but now I am finally here and I am looking forward to making further progress with my POWERbreathe training.

I have signed up for Mens Health Survival of the Fittest ( which takes place in Battersea, London on November 12th 2011, I have  5 weeks before the event to get myself back to peak fitness ready to set new records!

My POWERbreathe is turned back down the zero ready to go for phase II of my POWERbreathe training!!!

Rob Lunn

Personal Trainer

POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 12: Level 7 here I come

This week sees the return to full training after my two week end of season break. 5.30am is very dark you know, specially now half the street lights are strategically turned off!!

Up to level 7 now on the powerbreathe. The other day when I started my 30 breaths I thought it was blocked or something, as it’s getting very tough now!! (it wasn’t blocked, it was just me being a wuss!) it was also my first track session since my head injury. I felt very scared and expected it to be rather tough! It lived up to expectations – my legs the next day were screaming with DOMS! (delayed onset muscle soreness).

I – as always, take the inhaler. Although I am still getting head injury side effects, I still (and for some time now) don’t ever need the inhaler.

It is tough changing speed, the brain is a bit behind when it comes to changing oxygen demand, and I often feel dizzy when I stop after running, or very fatigued when I start off.

Luckily though, the 30 breaths don’t cause me a problem.

I remember when I started this POWERbreathe trial, only being able to manage level 2-3 so  I continue to be impressed. Give it a go – it ain’t easy, but my lack of needing inhaler means it must be doing something for my asthma, right?


Melanie Ryding

Samuel Dallimore Week 12: POWERbreathe comes to an end, what a fabulous journey

This week has been by far the most progressive of all the weeks I’ve been training on the POWERbreathe, I have finally been able to up the resistance to 4! I’m sticking to between 3.5-4 depending on how tired I am after training as the Loughborough University swim squad pre season program is now under way! This means lots of cross training and can mean feeling out of you depth at times ( no pun intended) due to the varied methods in which we can train our bodies, this can be a whole mix of things such as circuits, pool based circuits, spinning, medicine ball sets, core sets and running, however unfortunately due to my injuries, running is off the list I’m told by the physio.

I really like pre season training as it’s so varied and it also means my injuries are much less problematic as the repetitious nature of the actions are naturally reduced once you mix it up a bit are continually changing the exercises. Pre season training normally lasts most of September and sometimes into early October on occasions, then we get into more of a swimming based shedule and routine for the rest of the year. That means  moving back to 4:30am starts three times a week and afternoons/ evenings swimming thousand and thousands of meters per week! Not to mention the gym and circuit sets aswell which are just as hard! I absolutely love it though, and I mean that truthfully, there’s a very strange sense of satisfaction getting up that early and training until you’ve nothing left to give, then a nap and a good meal and you do it all again in the evening 6 days a week! It just becomes addictive in the end, you adapt and adjust to it so much that you thrive off of it and depend on training so much to almost regulate yourself, it’s a brilliant feeling and something I will never give up trying to achieve.

Training and swimming have become a part off who I am, and I will never truly stop, I will always want to exercise as I pretty much have since I can remember and it’s a brilliant thing to have that close connection with ones fitness, health and body that comes from such intense and regular exercise. All this has been helped massively with adding in my POWERbreathe training, it really does make you less breathless and I can say from a swimmer’s perspective it increases performance. Also, when I couldn’t push myself in training due to injuries or niggles I had to find a way to keep my lungs and breathing muscles in shape, the POWERbreathe facilitated that and gave me the boost I needed.