Three common POWERbreathe mistakes – Levi Dorogi

POWERbreathe common mistakesHere is another great video from Levente Dorogi.

Levente Dorogi highlights three most common mistakes when training with the POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle trainer for breathing exercises, which must be addressed and corrected in order to benefit most from this breathing training.

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POWERbreathe functional training

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POWERbreathe Tips – as submitted by you

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Stick with POWERbreathe

Stick with it as after the first 5 days it starts to become a habit!. Up to level 9 after 8 weeks with increased Heart Rate and Onset Blood Lactate Accumulation (OBLA). Submitted by Simon Vincent, Totally Cycling Performance. Simon will be sending us a great blog next week so keep an eye out for that one 🙂

PB workout for advanced athletes

5min warmup on 50%, 10min on 75% with a 5/3 – inhale/exhale rhytm, 5min on 80% with 5/2 rhytm, 5min on 75% with a 3/2 rhytm, than 5min on 50% cooldown it is like a Tempo run then a bit of climbing then back to easier tempo. Quiet challenging, but well worth the effort. Submitted by Levente Dorogi

I think like in every sport, specificity is very important. So if you are a standing athlete – runner or hiker – keep on using standing, if you are a paddler seated or kneeled positions are more beneficial. And just popped into my mind, how brilliant tool it is for wheelchair athletes to improve their breathing efficiency. I have to advise the same things, like every coach does. Gradual, patient build up will lead to higher performance, and shorter recoveries. Submitted by Levente Dorogi

If you start off with a Level 5 at the first time and do 50breaths probably next day you won’t have the strength to do it all over again. I think a good way to start is to chose a level what you can use for 1minute, comfortably, twice a day. Then every week add quarter twist on the adjuster, and add 30sec to your time.After 1 month you can incorporate the RM type of workouts, but don’t start with 1 RM and make your lungs collapse. The 20-30RM is a good start, and never go to total failure. Later you can mix up workouts: for instance in a kind of interval session: Warmup – 40RM-10RM-40RM-10RM – Cooldown 50% of your regular PB strength. (RM: Repetition MAX: for instance : 30RM = A level where you can do 30 reps maximum, not more – in our case aim for 33-34 and stop at 30, don’t go to failure). Submitted by Levente Dorogi

You have to experience how many breaths you can do on each level to set up a training like that, but the first month of introductory period is perfect for experimenting.  I am using the POWERbreathe Plus: I know that my 10RM is Level 6-6.5, 20RM is Level 5, 30-40RM is Level 4, and that is the breaking point as on Level 3-3.5 I can train for up to 15minutes. Sometimes I do my core workout and Pilates with the POWERbreathe in my mouth, and use very light SUB Level 2 resistance. Submitted by Levente Dorogi

I also incorporated ‘PB’ into my training: 50breaths before workout as Warming Up on a medium level and 8min as a cooldown after training on 50% of my average training level. I do my stretching before the ‘PB’ cooldown as the 8min standing would stiffen up my muscles. Submitted by Levente Dorogi

My next step is to include ‘PB’ into my Track Sessions. I am starting doing it next week. Cannot wait the effects.(In my opinion even if ‘PB’ cannot claim that it can positively effect VO2max, for the moment, during long term usage it will be inevitable) Submitted by Levente Dorogi

For correct breathing practice

I intend to use the Powerbreathe for ‘fitness and sports performance’, so I will gradually keep increasing the setting until I do find failure, but I am not rushing up the scale because I want to achieve good breathing practice, rather than just a high setting. As some of my sessions didn’t start particularly well in terms of the correct breathing practice I now do what could be called a ‘warm up’. I do 15 correct breaths without the Powerbreathe, this reminds me how I should breathe and perhaps in some small way does prepare the muscles for some harder work when using the Powerbreathe. I find this gives me a much better start to the 30 training breaths. Submitted by Phil Bradbury

Half a turn can make a substantial difference

Depending upon which model of POWERbreathe you have, half a turn can make a substantial difference.

You need to think of the load as having threshold properties. In other words, a relatively small increase in load can tip the muscles over the edge into a state of fatigue.

For example, if you are running close to your best 10k speed, just think about how much difference a 0.5 kph increase in running speed makes to the tolerability of that run. The run becomes non-sustainable and you have to stop or slow down.
Submitted by Alison McConnell, Professor of Applied Physiology Centre for Sports Medicine & Human Performance, Brunel University

Suggested POWERbreathe training for runners

Non-running day: 30 breaths on POWERbreathe twice daily (morning and evening).

Running days: use the POWERbreathe warm-up immediately prior to your run, then do 1 set of 30 breaths at the training load within 30 minutes of completing the run.

Also consider some core training.
Submitted by Alison McConnell, Professor of Applied Physiology Centre for Sports Medicine & Human Performance, Brunel University