Staff floored by POWERbreathe in Portugal

Lying on the floor giggling, Claudia is having a lesson in diaphragmatic breathing from fellow team member Pedro. Claudia and Pedro are members of team POWERbreathe Portugal, and Duncan from POWERbreathe UK popped over to visit them.

Pedro is a singer and so understands the importance of breathing properly from the diaphragm. It’s a concept he talks to sports people about.

POWERbreathe in Portugal

Claudia, from South Portugal, Pedro and Jose also invite Sonia, from North Portugal into the office to meet up with Duncan. Duncan is there to provide CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training and other Better Breathing solutions by POWERbreathe. It is a commitment we make to all our distributors. The purpose is to update skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent in the area of respiratory.

Day 1 – Perafita

Today is a training day for respiratory experts Sonia and Claudia. However POWERbreathe IMT is a new therapy for Sonia so Duncan begins by explaining the evidence base supporting it.

Day 2 – Porto

On day 2 the team all visit two hospitals in the region of Porto.

The first visit is to Hospital Eduardo Santos Silva, after which they visit Hospital Da Senhora Da Oliveira – Guimarães. It’s here a group of doctors and physios decide it would be beneficial to have a POWERbreathe KH2 with Breathe-Link Medic Live Feedback Software for the hospital itself, and one for each of their 5 regional centres.

Day 3 – Lisbon

The first visit of the day is to Hospital Beatriz Angelo, a large, private hospital in Lisbon. The team meet senior managers and the physio team to discuss the benefits of POWERbreathe Respiratory Muscle Training.

At the second hospital the team are met by a large group of very enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who became very excited with the workings of the KH2.

Third visit of the day is to a new, private respiratory and pulmonary rehab centre. Most noteworthy is that it’s the only one in Portugal. And as a result of our visit, the centre expressed an interest in using the KH2 with Breathe-Link Medic Live Feedback Software along with with a POWERbreathe Plus IMT device for specific patients.

See photos of POWERbreathe in Portugal on POWERbreatheUK Facebook.

Efficacy of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Elite Swimmers (PEAK)

This study is a randomized controlled trial. Firstly it will look at the efficacy of inspiratory muscle training using POWERbreathe. Furthermore it will asses the swimming performance, airway dysfunction and perceived breathlessness in the elite swimmers recruited for the trial. Finally the trial will recruit participants from the elite competitive Futebol Clube do Porto swimming team.

Intervention used in swimming trial

    • POWERbreathe IMT identifier: NCT03062735

Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Efficacy of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Swimming Performance, Airway Dysfunction and Perceived Breathlessness in Elite Swimmers >

Basketball increases respiratory work which impedes performance

A new original article in the Porto Biomedical Journal looks into the influence of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) in female basketball players.

Female basketball players and inspiratory muscle fatigue (IMF)

This new randomised controlled trial from Portugal explains how IMF may impede a basketball player’s performance. When the inspiratory muscles fatigue blood flow to the player’s legs, arms and torso are compromised. This affects performance.

Respiratory work and breathing perception

As a player throws or passes a ball they are engaging their upper torso and trunk muscles. They are also engaging their diaphragm as they try to stabilise their core muscles. As a result this increases respiratory work and breathing perception. Consequently the breathing muscles (inspiratory muscles) fatigue.

Benefits of inspiratory muscle training (IMT)

Scientific studies show that IMT increases an athlete’s tolerance to high intensity exercise. It does this by enhancing pulmonary oxygen consumption. In fact wheelchair players report an improvement in performance, as do swimmers.

The influence of IMT in basketball players

The randomised controlled trial investigates this influence of Inspiratory Muscle Training by randomly assigning professional basketball players to the experimental group (EG) or control group (CG).

Players from the EG perform Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) with POWERbreathe. This consists of 30 breaths, five times a week over four weeks. However the CG do not perform any IMT using POWERbreathe.

The EG group show an increase in pulmonary function, which is how well the lungs are working.

Additional benefits of using POWERbreathe for IMT

Findings also suggest that the cost of implementing POWERbreathe IMT is relatively small. Therefore different basketball clubs can implement this intervention with the objective of improving each players’ pulmonary function.

Finally the trial concludes that a 4-week IMT protocol leads to a positive evolution of basketball players’ pulmonary function. Furthermore the results suggest that the applied IMT protocol is effective.

Read ‘The influence of inspiratory muscle training on lung function in female basketball players – a randomized controlled trial’ >