Effect Of Inspiratory Muscle Work On Peripheral Fatigue Of Locomotor Muscles In Healthy Humans

“The work of breathing required during maximal exercise compromises blood flow to limb locomotor muscles and reduces exercise performance. This study asked if force output of the inspiratory muscles affected exercise-induced peripheral fatigue of locomotor muscles.”


“Peripheral fatigue of locomotor muscles resulting from high-intensity sustained exercise is, in part, due to the accompanying high levels of respiratory muscle work.”

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The Influence Of Inspiratory Muscle Work History And Specific IMT Upon Human Limb Muscle Fatigue

“The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of the work history of the inspiratory muscles upon the fatigue characteristics of the plantar flexors. It was hypothesized that under conditions where the inspiratory muscle metaboreflex has been elicited, plantar flexors fatigue would be hastened due to peripheral vasoconstriction.”


“The data are the first to provide evidence that the inspiratory muscle metaboreflex accelerates the rate of calf fatigue during plantar flexors, and that inspiratory muscle training attenuates this effect.”

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