Heartening Words From A POWERbreathe User

We’d like to thank Karl Coan for emailing us with this, his POWERbreathe story…

To whomever it may concern.

This may not be the correct way to contact you. I’m a 35year old man, who for all of my life has struggled with asthma. Bear with me, at school I could never run much further than 200m. I was put into a 400m race by an encouraging PE teacher, made it to the finishing line but collapsed.

I felt held back all my school life and this continued into my adult life. Although my asthma had faded in as far as how much it affected me as I got older, I still couldn’t do anything that involved anything too much in the way of cardiovascular activity. So I turned to weight training and lower cardio activities.

There have been many things I would have liked to have done in both my school and adult life, one thing I wanted to do was join the army. Asthma has stopped me from doing this. It embarrassed me if I’m honest.

Last year I hurt my back, injuring my L5. I had to take time off of work and felt useless. I read a book about a guy who climbed Kilimanjaro even though he was asthmatic and how great it was for him mentally. I thought it was great that he summited Kili, and have always thought even as a child how great it would be to climb a mountain. I decided it was something I needed to do.

I started researching asthma and breathing aids, this led me online to your company. I bought a POWERbreathe K3. I started using it and tried to start running. I ran 0.7mile to start, which I found hard; I spent the next few months slowly building my distances and by the end of last year was running up to 4miles! This meant a lot to me. I had also been walking/hiking in Wales.

I then decided 2015 would be my year, I took on a white collar boxing match in February, for this I had to train very hard cardiovascularly, I won my fight, though very hard. Next on the list was a half marathon which I completed, couldn’t believe I could run this far, dreamt as a child that one day I might be able to. Then I wanted to complete the Welsh 3000’s or 15 peaks challenge. I did this in June this year, all 15 3000ft peaks completed in 13hrs20mins, a very respectable time. All of this building fitness and strength for a mountain.

I didn’t want to do Kilimanjaro, but instead I wanted to climb Europe’s highest peak, the Elbrus in Russia. I said that if I managed to do it I would contact you. I did it!

Nothing that I have done has been easy and I’m not saying it was any harder for me than for anyone else, but it has been tough and being stubborn has helped no end.

I believe the POWERbreathe unit I used is the thing that made the difference and enabled me to complete my challenges; that and hard work. I’ve pushed my body to limits I thought I could never reach. I’m not stopping here. I want to reach my full potential. Next year I hope to head to the Himalayas to challenge myself with a tougher, larger mountain…. and who knows what else. I wish this product was available to me as a child, or that I had better guidance, maybe things would have been much different for me in terms of fitness and career.

Anyway to someone I feel I owe a huge thanks to, you opened up my world and are helping me reach my dreams.


Karl Coan